Top 5 Free Wp High Ctr Adsense Themes Download

If you are blogger either a beginner or pro that solely use Google adsense as a monetization method, you will need a high click through rate (CTR) adsense theme. which are apparently free to get.

Below are top five (5) list of free wordpress adsense themes that have high CTR with preview links and download links. You can simply use the preview link to preview the one that will suite your blog need and use any of their corresponding download link

1. Ads Minded


Preview Theme  | Download Theme (298kb)

2. Heatmap Adsense Theme


Preview Theme | Download Theme (277kb)

3. Free Clearness Ads Theme


Preview Theme | Download Theme (100kb)

4. Prosense Theme


Preview Theme | Download Theme(38kb)

5. WP Ads Theme


Preview Theme | Download Theme (77kb)

Reasons Why Facebook, Wikipedia and Dozens Of Popular Sites Were Shut Down For A 24 Hour Blackouts?

Why? simple most popular websites with voices are going on strike because of SOPA and PIPA. I observed earlier today that dozens of popular sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit, Namecheap and lots more take their site down for about 24 hour (a day). The reasons are not far fetched as they are all synergically trying to the dastardly internet censoreship act the congress is trying to cripple the smooth activities of the internet.

You might have heard of the latest internet abuse policy bill the house of congress (Senate and Representative) are currently passing, its wicked and its stand to poise more risk and abuse on the internet than aclaimed good.

What is the meaning of SOPA? SOPA simply means Stop Online Piracy Act
While the meaning of PIPA is Protect Internet IP Act.


In the congress, the house of representative is currently promoting the SOPA policy bill that would ensure its signed into law while the Senate is promoting the PIPA (Protect Internet IP Act)

Since most popular sites which was the reason why facebook ws shut down has almost unanimously kicked against this acts with SOPA backouts and darkness, at least 10 senators are beginning to withdraw their support

PIPA support is also collapsing as more and nore senators are also opposing. Experts are saying that to control and regulate the excessive abuse, piracy should be controlled and not SOPA and PIPA bill passage. Lets just pray that this acts don’y see the light of the day.

Google and Moxilla Firefox are also using custom censore logos to stop the SOPA and PIPA bill


To Save the Internet, SOPA and PIPA must go, please so no to PIPA and SOPA as they would take us (the internet) to dark ages

Nulled Premium WordPress Themes Collections – Top 7 Free Premium Press WordPress Themes v6.7 Free Download

All the free Premium Press WordPress Themes latest version 6.7 are nulled, meaning no need need of entering or inputting any verification or product order code or email whatsoever, just install on your wp site under the appearance tab from your control panel dashboard and you are done.

The 7 Nulled Free Proffessional WordPress Themes By Premium Press Themes

Below are top rated professional wordpress templates themes that you can use both on low and high profile wp blog sites so as to make it look unique. Listed below are each of the Premium Press with their respective full free download links.

1. Nulled WP  Premium Press Theme – AuctionPress v6.7

Your own auction website in minutes with AuctionPress!

AuctionPress is a powerful auction theme that harnesses the power of WordPress to create ‘ready-to-go’ SEO friendly auction websites that can be setup in minutes with little or no programming knowledge required!


Theme Download Link:

2. Nulled WP  Premium Press Theme – ClassifiedsTheme v6.7 

Create SEO friendly classified websites in minutes with our WordPress classifieds theme.

ClassifiedsTheme is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly classifieds theme for WordPress which supports 1,000’s of extra plugin’s, has built in payment options for visitors to list their classifieds, advertising slots, Google Maps, CSV and Amazon import tools, extra classified website designs and lots more

Theme Download Link:

3. Nulled WP  Premium Press Theme CouponPress v6.7

Create SEO friendly coupon code websites in minutes with coupon code theme!
CouponPress is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly coupon code theme for WordPress that makes setting up your own coupon code website quick and easy! It has built in support for coupon codes, printable coupons, voucher codes, deals and offers, built in CSV import tools, integration for icodes and ForMeToCoupon networks, checkout pages allowing visitors to submit their coupons, coupon ratings, auto thumbnail creations, link cloaking, 20+ changeable coupon designs and support for 1,000’s of extra plugin’s!

Theme Download Link:

4. Nulled WP  Premium Press Themes – DirectoryPress v6.7

Create professional Directory Websites in minutes with our powerful directory theme!

DirectoryPress makes starting your own website directory or link bid directory a piece of cake! It comes “out of the box” with lots of directory features, build in payment gateways, google maps, DOMZ and CSV import tools, reciprocal link checker, membership packages and lots more

Theme Download:

5. Nulled WP  Premium Press Themes  – MoviePress v6.7

MoviePress is the ideal solution for creating niche market video websites for almost any online niche!

You can easily upload your own videos or import videos from popular video websites such as Youtube, MetaCafe etc. You can allow visitors to view all videos freely or setup paid membership packages allowing only certain memberships to view certain videos.

MoviePress is ideal for; video training or tutorial websites, cooking, fashion, children and healthcare, sporting, product demonstration, affiliate video websites loaded with Google adsense or even family video websites!

Theme Download Link:

6. Nulled WP  Premium Press Theme  – RealtorPress v6.7

The perfect solution for creating professional real estate agencies, property directories or real estate portfolio websites in minutes!

RealtorPress is the ideal solution for anyone starting their own real estate agency, property portfolio or directory website. It costs only $79, there are no extra or hidden costs, it takes less than 5 minutes to install & includes over 10 additional real estate templates for you to select and customize.

Theme Download Link:

7. Nulled WP  Premium Press Theme  – ShopperPress v6.7

Start selling your products, services, and digital downloads online in minutes with ShopperPress.

ShopperPress is a turn-key ready “out of the box” shopping cart solution for WordPress. You simply install, select from 20+ shopping cart themes, add products and your ready to start accepting orders. This is the ideal solution for anyone starting their own online store selling their own products or services, affiliate products or even ebooks, music or file downloads!

Theme Download Download:

Best Ways To Become a Successful Rich Guest Blogger with Free and Paid blogs

If you approach guest blogging in a professional manner you will be amazed at what becoming a guest blogger can do for you. You also get paid with high profits to guest blog. It can provide you an increase in:

1. Social proof of your status as an expert
2. Important authority site owners will become more aware of you
3. You will of course get an increase in links to your own blog
4. Joint-venture opportunities will arise
5. Fresh traffic
6. Disability in general

Here is what guest blogging does for you:

1. You get to provide a value to an online community that isn’t yours
2. It encourages other people to promote your guest posts through social networking and bookmarking
3. You get to make contact with people in the same niche as yourself, which isn’t always a bad thing
4. You get to build an ever-increasing strong networking base

5. You get to share information, your opinions, your products more extensively
6. You give people a greater chance of getting to know you Remember too, even though it may seem labour-intensive to start with to create top-quality content as a guest blogger, there is no reason that you cannot outsource this with a quality article writer.

guest blogging opportunities

Here’s how to find out if a blog needs a guest blogger.

Many blogs will have it listed in plain sight somewhere in the navigation of the blog that guest bloggers are encouraged to submit content there.

There will usually be clear guidelines about using photos, resource boxes, and the kind of linking that is allowed.

They will usually state what kind of topics they want the posts to be about,
the length of the articles. However, you may want to be more assertive and proactive in becoming an expert guest blogger do what you need to do is follow blogs in your niche and look for opportunities and clues.

You can do a search in Google as easy as “guest blogger wanted” and you will be surprised at the number of results that appear. Here is the more phrases that you could search for in Google for guest
blogging opportunities:

“submit blog post”
“write for us”
“become guest writer”
“become an author”
“add blog post”
I would also recommend that you become a member of forums in your niche.

The best Simple ways to ensure that you get a Guest Blogging Work

1. Is to contact a blog owner directly and explain why you are a good fit for that blog’s readership; relevant facts about you and your knowledge of the topic; links to samples of your work on the topic.

2. You may also want to suggest some proposed topics that sound compelling and interesting. You can also make it clear that you’ve read a post that they’ve made. You can also let them know that you have promoted the post elsewhere through social networking or social bookmarking.

3. Also if they allow comments I would recommend that you also become a contributor to their blog through commenting so that they become aware of you through that process as well. If you wanted to increase your chance even further of becoming a regular guest blogger on the site, you may offer them an article in your first contact with them, making sure that it is informative, useful, and top quality information and make sure to advise them that it is 100% unique and has been written just that there blog readership.

How To Be The Best Guest Blogger You Can Be

In order to be a top-quality guest blogger you need to understand the readership extensively and the blog.

As much as you are able to you should:

Look extensively at who reads the posts and leave comments; try to analyse the skill level of the readers; what is the general writing style like on the entire blog, what sort of voice doesn’t have on the where.

Here are Things to Avoid as a Guest Blogger:

1. Keyword stuffed articles
2. Promoting your own services or products in the content
3. Using PLR articles
4. Poor research
5. Not following deadlines
6. Ignoring guidelines
7. Not proofreading your posts.

How To Create Powerful Post Structures In Guest Blogging

You need:
1. A short, punchy headline that is irresistible. It either makes the reader say “That’s exactly what I need to learn!” or “I gotta see what this is about…”
2. A first sentence that “hooks” the reader (and pulls him right in the deep end!)
3. A great resource box or bio, no more than two lines, tops
4. Professional caliber, original photos
5. A Thumbnail photo of you, resized ready to fit their specs, if you see the blog uses author thumbnails
6. Breaks in the text. Short paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points and subheads all help people to read posts quickly and easily. (Remember that online readers


first – until they find something that “grabs” their attention.)

13 Simple Ways to Get Free Traffic To Your Blog

Getting traffic to your blog is the most important thing that every blogger faces with. Some People Say That Getting Traffic is a very difficult thing but it’s not getting traffic is easy if you do everything Right. Here are some ways that can Surely Send Traffic to Yourblog.

1. Comment on Blogs of your Niche.

2. Do link Exchange with Other Bloggers.

3. Participate in Forum discussions and Help Others.

4. Do Guest Posting.

5. Do Authority Blogging.

6. Build As Much as Back-links You can But Don’t use BlackHat Methods.

7. Don’t use Too Much Advertisements which can dramatically Decrease your visitors.

8. Submit to popular blog Directories

9. Spend Some Money in PPC like Google Adsense.

10. Provide a Giveaway which can bring you Visitors Back.

11. Use Facebook to Get Traffic.(create pages,apps and groups for your site promotion)

12. Use Proper Template and Design for your blog to maintain Visitors and Decrease and your Bounce Rate.

13. Use Traffic Exchange Widgets like

These Are Some Tips which Can Surely Help You.

How To Optimize And Turn WordPress Blog Into A Social Network

Turning a WordPress blog Into A Social Network sphere is easy, just follow my simple free plugins to achieve that

Visitor retention and interactivity is becoming even more important. For this reason you may want to add your own social network on to a WordPress blog. There are some very easy ways for you to do this ranging from easy to install plug-ins to more extensive social networking products that can actually allow you to create a network similar to Facebook and other popular social networking sites.

So let’s look at some easy to install social networking plug-in first.

PLUGIN 1 – Buddypress
This plug-in is very quick and easy to install. You can create a very basic social network and this plug-in will go as detailed and complicated as you would like. One of the best features of its design is the fact that you can
easily turn on and off specific features any time you like.

PLUGIN 2 – Mingle
This is another very easy social networking plug-in and works with a lot of WordPress themes. It allows you to set up profile pages, create lists of friends, have profile activities, social comments and e-mail notifications.
It does not have as many features as Buddypress, however, many users say it is much easier to set up.

PLUGIN 3 – Customize Your Community
This is really more of an administration plug-in. You can change the way your login page appears, the way your recover lost password pages look, how registration pages appear and things like that.

PLUGIN 4 – Community Blogs For BuddyPress With this powerful plug-in you can create groups or community blogs that have multiple authors on them right inside Buddypress. Administrators can give members registered user status to any blogs they wish or multiple

These are the powerful tools to optimize a wordpress blog and turn it into a social network, if you have other great tools, please drop it here on the comment section below.