Cheapest Mobile Internet Data Plan For Android Phones

Among the top network operators in naija such as Airtel, GLo, MTN and ETISALAT…

The cheapest and most data friendly internet connection service providers for android phones such as HTC, Samsung, Techno, Gionee etc. that most people now use nowadays is AIRTEL.

Android phones are generally known to be devices that are huge data service consuming and as such the need for mobile internet data service usage is as important as calling with the phones.

android internet data usage

With the advent of top android mobile apps and software as BBM for androidm Viber, Whatsapps, 2go that most android mobile devices’ users can hardly go out a day without using to mobilize and rock their world; there is so much need to frequently have a an android sim loaded with large data.

Why AIRTEL is seen as the most data-friendly mobile internet service is that, their BIS works on all devices – Blackberry and non-Blackberry devices as pc and phones.

For a variety of flexible and economic-friendly android data subscription plans on the airtel network, check here

How to Save Internet Data and AIRTIME Credit on Android Devices

Since most android phones applications run un-noticed, it is usually advisable to its users to always turn off data by quickly using the shortcut process of swiping the screen down to access android data usage manager and just tapping it.

This does not only save your mobile internet data, but also helps to save your calling and texting airtime credit if you’re not subscribed to an android data plan.

Google Android Sdk Meaning, Installation, Tutorial, Component and Download

Google Android SDK MeaningIt’s simply an acronym for Google Android Software Development Kit, an official guide from Google that teaches SDK software apps and management

Google’s Android has become one of the most widely used operating systems for cellphones and tablets. A majority of smartphone users today use Android. Phone manufacturers are also increasingly incorporating Android in their products. One of the reasons for the popularity of Android is that it has a good apps support. A wide range of apps are available for Android devices for a whole range of functionalities, extending the usefulness of an Android device. The Android SDK stands for Android Software Development Kit. It is software with the help of which new apps are developed for Android. Android SDK is one of the most powerful tools for software development for Android. Since Android’s hunger for new apps increases with its popularity, we may as well gauge the functionality that the software may have.


Google Android SDK Free Download

To download Android SDK is not a difficult thing to do. A search on the internet will provide the necessary links for downloading the software. After downloading the software, the websites themselves offer Android SDK tutorial to induce a new user into the world of software development for Android.

Top 3 Free Download Of Android SDK Mirror Sources

1. Softonic SDK Download Mirror
2. Android Developer Official
3. Softedia SDK Download Mirror

Google Android SDK Components

The Android SDK consists of several components. It includes debuggers, libraries, documentations, sample codes, tutorials and of course a handset emulator based on QEMU. Different versions allow for the software to run in a variety of operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac etc. The wide compatibility range allows for programmers to work in different platforms with ease.

Android SDK Eclipse

Android Software Development Kit Eclipse,  is the officially supported integrated development environment (IDE) for the software. It supports programming mostly through Java, in a wide range of different programming languages such as Ada, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Haskell, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Clojure, Scala, Android, Scheme and Groovy. The Eclipse also allows for programming using plug ins. The programmers can also use simple text editors to work with the programs they are developing.

How to Use Android SDK

The Android SDK comes with older versions of the operating systems as well. This is to make sure that the programs developed with the help of the software are useful for older versions of Android that are still in use. After the latest version is downloaded, there are available options for additionally installing other versions of the software to check for compatibility.

Installing Android SDK

Android SDK installation is a quite simple process. The setup, in the form of a wizard, guides the user through a step by step process which enables him to install the software. The installation process is effortless and done in a very user friendly manner.

From the above discussion it is quite evident that the software will prove to be a very useful one in recent times. A lot of users using Android smartphones today need newer and newer apps to suit their specific requirements. Also the community of Android users’ needs a common base for developing software to share among them. This will enable them to work and coordinate in a better manner.

Download Full Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) For Android.APK

Just as the championship game that enthrills on pc with pro evolution soccer gaming experience, if you an avid mobile football gamer especially on any smartphone or gadget android operating system enabled device

You will recall that PES Android simply stands for Pro Evolution Soccer for android operating system. What this andvance revolutionay football gaming championship competition means is that you can now play the popular demand PC PES game on any android OS ready device with ease

Some of the interesting mobile football gaming leagues and championship include La Liga, Serie A, Champions league, Premiers leagues, La gameplay etc.


The full PES 2012 android.apk football game which is newly improved and updated with features as speed, easy manipulation of control keys, accuracy is already available here for free download in the usual android application package file which is .APK

As you may already know, the full meaning of APK as used with andoid application file extension, is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middle ware onto Google’s owned Android operating system that runs on other third phones like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola etc. smart mobile phones

Download Here Free Full Konami PES 2012 Android.APK

Alternate Download Link for Konami PES 2012.APK in High Defination


Download Top Five (5) Free Dictionary Apps For Android

Do you have android operating system powered device and would need the top 5 android dictionary apps – reference e-reference books that contains alphabetically ordered words, with explanations of their meanings with grammer and pronunciation, then any of the following dictionary application is a must have on your android.

There are series of important and almost countless number of an droid dictionary apps available for free download in android market, but not all of them are neccessary for your android OS phone


Here are the top best 5 dictionary apps for android phones that have carefully been researched out with users review and opinions. To download each of this android dictionary apps, simply click on any of the dictionary apps hyperlink or right click on any of the link and click save as

1. Download android apps
2. Download Merriam Webster android dictionary app
3. Download Advanced English and Thesaurus app.
4. Download Offline Dictionary app for android
5. Download Free apps for android