Easy Ways to Unlock Permanently Locked Datacard/Usb Modem Using Customized Mobile Dashboard and Firmware

I got stuck last week when I was trying to unlock one of my huawei E156G datacard modem after carelessly dropping my huawei e303 usb stick alongside my glo carrier simcard in a commercial vehicle I boarded.

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I was restless as I needed to go online at that moment but there was no device that I could use to get my PC connected to the internet, during my confused state, I realized I have got an MTN modem that I had hardly use. While other network sim was inserted, I plugged and played the modem on my PC via its USB port only for me to discovered that the 10 attempts for unlocking most zte and huawei modems have been used up.

While still thinking of what to do, I hit Google and visited some webpages on all sorts of datacards unlocking issues and problems relating to mine, I was able to do the following to have my modem unlocked, flashed, re-unlocked, upgraded and re-installed. These are the three steps I followed and yours should be similar:

1. Re-calculate the modem unlock code
2. Flash the modem
3. Download and Upgrade the modem model firmware
4. Download and install a customized dashboard

#1. Re-calculate the Modem Unlock code

You can calculate your modem unlock code manually or automatically. You can download this software if you want to generate your modem unlock code manually, download this Manual Modem Unlocker or this Automatic Modem Unlocker that will initialize and read your modem up from its COM Port. Please know that you will need this unlock when you’re resetting and flashing your modem.

#2. Reset the Modem
Download, extract and run this software for restting and unlocking huawei modems

Tick the “Auto-Calculate Code” and “Auto-Unlock Modem” these tabs you will easily see at the middle of the dashboard as seen on the image below.


Underneath “SERVICE” on the left side, tick “RESET MODEM” thereafter, you should click “READ MDM DATA” you will then need to wait for few secconds and finally click “Unlock”

After a few seconds, your modem should have been fixed and the used 10 attempts counter restriction reset. Please you should take note of the unlock code (NCK)

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#3. Download and Upgrade and the modem model Firmware by Flashing

Even after following the above steps, your modem will be showing 10 of 10 used, invalid sim or network selected or something similar to this statement.

You’re going to need to down the specific firmware update for your modem or datacard model. This you can easily get and download free from DC Files

When you get to the webpage, select your modem make (huawei) from the drop down menu and click the icon. The next and third page will be where you will be able to select the model of your datacard and the most recent firmware update respectively

After a successful download of the file which is about 7.41MB, this software size varies, depending on your modem make and model, unzip and install

This your modem firmware update wizard will search for your device for some seconds, and its shows another page displaying the configuration and IMEI number of the modem

The next steps flash your modem and you will see a message “The wizard is ready to update your Data Card” on your comuter screen from the page environment displaying four warnings

firmware update in progress

Click start to authorize this process and you will be prompted to enter the modem unlock code you got from step 1

After like 3-5 minutes, your modem should have been flashed and a new copy of the firmware installed


Once the process completes, you will see a successful update message as you can see from the image below


#4. Download and install a new Customized Dashboard

For a customized mobile partner download, visit DC Files again and follow the exact steps you followed to get your modem Firmware update.

After a successful download, unzip the file and run the program, accept the licensing agreement and click the next tabs that follow to continue

This process also take between 3-5 minutes to complete

Effecting the Full changes on Your PC – Shutdown & Reboot your PC

After a successful re-installing and updating of a fresh version of the dashboard on your PC, you can now go ahead  to shut down and  re-boot your PC. Please  I mean switching off not hibernating or logging  off. This is so to effect the newly installed software changes on your PC.

You might also be asked to enter an unlocking code again, at this time your modem counter had been reset to zero (0) of ten (10). You re-use the manual or automatic approach in step one above.


Installing the Newly Download Customized Dashbaord

Please note that you will need to manually install the dashboard partner on your PC even though it had been downloaded into your datacard drive. Also know that you can decide to change between any of the dashboard of your choice either the non-customized or the customized one. Just follow these simple steps below

Click “Start Menu

Click “Computer

And double click your modem device drive e.g Drive (F:) and install, after successful installation, you may need to follow these steps  here to configure it for your preferably chosen network.

You can see from the image below i am now using a different dashboard, different from the one above that I have just fixed.

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Benefits/Importance/Advantages of Flashing and Installing a Different Firmware and Dashboard Updates

* Speed

As you could see from the image above in my newly fixed huawei E156G data, in front of the 3G 62120 there is the word “turbo”, this is not just having literary meaning, it simply means speed at which the modem alongside with its firmware and dashboard are working. Before I did this, MTN and AIRTEL was so poor in my location, but after this, they are now rocking with amazing speed

* Stable Connectivity

I was equally experiencing fluctuating server downtime, but after this fixing, update and upgrade, it has been minimized

* Better/Different User Interface

I think, this new Graphic User Interface I am rocking is better than the one I have be on, its simple and intuitive

Recommended Practices While Resetting, Flashing and Installing Firmware and Dashboard Updates

* Ensure it’s another network operator simcard that is inserted in your modem tray

* Ensure your PC battery power is sufficient or plugged to a stable power source

* To attain an error-free results, don’t shutdown, hibernate or log off your PC while these installations processes are being carried else your Pc could get damaged

Post updated 17th July, 2013

All Zte Mobile Usb Modems Dashboard Download

Just like hauwei usb modem mobile dashboard partner for installing better and most recent and easily customizeable  user graphic interface, you can also do the same with zte 3g usb internet modems.

Read All Mobile Partner Dashboard Free Download (All Updates and Versions)

With the latest update of Zte dashboard, you can now have a third-party option to control the features of your dashboard user interface, instead of being limited to the default features that came with your modem network operator, you can now have access to a wide range of better features.



Download Latest Zte Dashboard from the download link below

Zte Mobile Partner Dashboard and Connection Manager Software Download

All Mobile Partner Dashboard Free Download (All Updates and Versions)

If you are a fan of hauwei usb modem technologies here is the recent new release version of all hauwei usb broadband modem mobile partner software for all of its usb modem models and series

Some of the cool features of the hauwei mobile partner 23 new release include the following

1. Varying range of skins (3 different skins)
2. Portability
3. Uses less RAM resources
4. New friendly graphic user interface (GUI)
5. All hauwei usb and broadband modems are currently supported by this mobile partner software

Latest New Hauwei Mobile Partner Dashboard 23 Full Free Download Link


The universal Hauwei mobile partner works on all computer operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Mac (Lion), Ubuntu, Linux.

Get and download the latest version (23) from the link below


All Operating systems are supported – Download Lastest version 23 Here

Some of the previous mobile partner version and their respective download links includes

Mobile Partner Dashboard 11

mobile partner-download
Download Link

Mobile Partner 11 software Update Wizard


Modem Dashboard Mobile Partner 16

Download Link: For Windows OS
For Linux Operating System

Mobile Partner 16 software Update Wizard

Dashboard Mobile Partner 21

Download Links
Mobile Partner 21 Software For Winodws (7/ xp/ Vista)
Mobile Partner 21 Software For Linux
Mobile Partner 21 Software For Mac

Mobile Partner 21 software Update Wizard For All Operating System


Image Credit & Download Link: Modem Unlock


Must Have Cool Usb Tech Gadgets and Accessories Features

As the technology is advancing with every passing day, many latest machinery or tools are being invented by the different manufacturers that are making the life of people so easy. Like cell phones have acted as a bridge between the communication gap of people and computers save huge amount of human time by making their work easy and quick. Similarly, there is a device among the cool gadgets which is growing in popularity and becoming the latest trend among youngsters, is the USB. It is very commonly used by people who use computers to work on a daily basis.

The development of USB technology started in the market in the year 1995. The main aim was to develop a standard way, through which the devices could interconnect with computers. Since then there has been a continuous development in the quality of these products which in turn has generated great amount of customer satisfaction. These gadgets have changed the dimension of computer industry. These wonders have made the work of people easier and are helping them to reduce their work load. USB is not just a port that is used in a computer but, it can be considered one of the hi-tech gadgets being used in the modern day.


USB stands for Universal Series Bus that allows the users to connect it to their PCs in order to share or transfer various data and files to another computer. Electronic gadgets have always been a helping hand to human beings and this remains same in case of USB device also. It makes the transaction of data quick and error free for the user without any disruption. On the other hand it is also very cheap which makes it a gadget easily available to people of every age group.

Some of the new gadgets have developed a stylish approach to attract the users. It remains same in the case of USB gadgets also. This stylish model has been designed in such a way that it provides a standard means of exchange of data between two or more computers. It is basically a wireless technology that has been developed in a number of versions. Many of these gadgets are available in the market at a very cheaper rate.

Some of the USB gadgets which can prove to be very useful to the users are

1.)    Polaroid Wi-Fi camcorder which helps in live streaming through the internet.

2.)    Aroma USB, which helps in freshening your mood as well as your working environment with its fragrance.

3.)    Portable hard drives give you an additional option to store your data safely.

Buying online is also an available option by which the consumers may get the best gadgets by proper comparison between two articles of the same type.  Most of the information related to these devices is available in detail which makes it easier for the users to get a clear view of the device they actually want to buy for themselves. It does not leave you with an option other than buying the device at once.

Where to Find and Get All Wireless Carrier Wifi Router Passwords – RouterPasswords.com

If you have been looking for where to find and get working free wireless passwords online,

here is a site to search from. Router passwords available in this site ranges from any of the following carriers Belkin, Dell, Hauwei. Ericsson, LinkSys, Oracle, Orange, Compaq, Motorola, Nec, HP, Asus, Axus, Nokia, LG, LinkSys/Cisco, Samsung, Sagem, Sharp, Siemens and lots more


Find and get wireless router passwords from all operator carrier at http://www.routerpasswords.com/

Getting free working wifi passwords from the site above is easy, all you need do is to look for your prefer carrier from the search results available from the drop down menu.

How to Increase Your Internet Connection Download Rate

Speed and download rate is what makes a great internet connection setup. If your connection cannot download faster from the internet, it doesn’t worth to be clarifies as a good internet connection setup, whereas, an internet connection with limited internet download rate cannot be refers to as a good internet setup. Also, a slow internet connection could cause bad health to your computer setup if care is not taken slightly especially this time when hackers were making new kind of malware programs to cause havoc to make computer system worldwide. So we need a fast speed internet connection setup before we could surf the web faster and with good security.

In order to browse the web faster and download great files such as the best android games we have recently talked about in one of our article here, you need good Internet Setup. Without that, there is limit to what you can use your internet connection, and that is why this article is of great benefit to you in case you found yourself struggling to download great applications from the internet because of your internet setup.

In this article are great tips to help you enjoy your internet connection setup without hassle. The tips and suggestions I’m going to share with you in this article will help you experience the best of your connection without paying extra fee for additional subscription.


When a person face a challenge in sending and receiving data online, it means the connection that is being used is not capable of serving the fellow the requested operation. And in many cases, these kinds of challenges do occur because of limitation from the service provider. Though, at times the problem could arise from the user due to things that the fellow does not think could count, things such as sharing their connection unnecessarily via wireless, not protecting their wireless setup with good security method, not browsing at the right time of the day, opening dangerous websites that installs trojans and malwares on every computers that browses through the site etc.

If you found yourself experiencing some challenges while surfing the internet, here are some suggestion for you to curb the situation even before you call the attention of your service provider to the situation.

Browse the web at the right time of the day

When you are noticing challenges in browsing the internet, or downloading files or application from the web, chances are that you might be surfing the net at the wrong time of the day. There are times when many people will be using the internet, and browsing at such time will end up into frustration for you. So, find the best time when few people surf the web in your area and browse at that time every day. During the early hour of the day, it is certain that majority of the people would be leaving for their working place – that is the best time for you to surf joyfully.

Surf the Net with your Firewall Security on

To keep your internet from people using it without your awareness, it is better that you always protect your connection. If it is a must that you share your connection with people around you, kindly make sure that you put on your firewall so that it can help you repel brute force attack on your connection from an unknown person any time of the day.

Only Share Your Wireless Connection with Secure Computers

If you are able to protect your computer from people outside, the next thing for you to do is to make sure that you checkmate the kind of people you are sharing with. Make sure that your computer is always protect by being selective in choosing computer that you will pair with your connection so that those PCs will not download viruses to your computer which I know will have great effect on your internet surfing experience.

Don’t take the security of your computer for granted

When your computer is secure, it means you can easily browse the web and download any kinds of application that comes your ways. So, make sure that you are protecting your computer and its internet connection at all times.

And the last, don’t use old operating system for your browsing PC. Failure to yield to that means you’d have to suffer a lot before you could browse and do everything online.

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We Need Broadband, Not ‘Plug “N” Pray’ Internet Modem Connection

This statement sound strange but it is truly not. Gone are the days when people will have to struggle a lot before they could access the internet, but the story has now changed. Not that a changed state, because people are still praying for broadband internet even till this moment and the story has never changed. The only thing that has changed is that, people can now enjoy the internet more than how it was two to five years ago.

Governments of all levels have campaigned on providing good speed and high standard internet connection but few of those promises have been meet. So, we are now saying, we need broadband internet connection. The one that can serve our internet connection needs and not the one that will give us more problems. We need broadband internet connection that will make it easier for an average man on the street to be able to surf the world tirelessly.  We need good broadband internet access that will enable us to download free apps for ringtones on our computer or mobile devices. We need good internet setup that will bring ease to our mode of living.

We need a broadband internet access that will be useful for streaming videos and music online like how some parts of the world have been doing. We need an internet connection that is capable of giving fast speed internet download capabilities; the speed that can stream, download, and make it easier for people to execute tasks in a jiffy.

But, if the government and ISPs companies cannot provide us good broadband experience, what shall we do to control the situation? Because of this question is why this article is being written by me to give you a better idea of what you must do and what you mustn’t try to do at all in order to make your internet connection fail you when you needed it most.

In this article, I shall be talking on some things you can be doing that will help your internet connection conditions and not to destroy it.

Limit or Stop Sharing With Other People without reasons       

The last thing I’d expect you to do with your broadband internet connection is sharing with just anyhow you like. You need to have good habit of sharing your internet connection setup with other people because if don’t, people will misuse the opportunity and turn your internet connection setup into something awkward for you.

The best way to avoid that is to limit how people can have access to your internet connection, be it wireless or analogue setup. You just have to limit how your router shares connection with other computers around your home, office or anywhere ever.  You can program your wireless router to limit how people can connect to your wireless connection setup, and likewise, you can manually add new users to your connection by disabling your router’s broadcasting feature to make the connection private to you.


Disable automatic updates on your computer

There’s nothing else in the world that can make you to have bad internet connectivity experience than installing many add-ons on your web browser. Having a lot of add-ons installed on your browser is a great sign that you might definitely have a bad internet connection experience sooner, even if not consistently.

Reduce browser add-ons

There’s one thing that I’ve come to realized throughout the time I’ve spent online as a computer expert, and that thing is the effect of browser add-ons on user’ internet experience. Addons reduces your chances of getting better internet experience and any serious computer geek should try as much as possible to avoid having many add-ons installed.

How to remove browser Addons from browsers?

I guess you were trying to ask me how you can remove add-ons from your browser. Don’t worry much because I’m going to explain them below step by steps:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Click on the Menu option and then navigate to where you will see Add-ons. Open the add-ons    option and then remove every single add-on that cannot add value to the browser’s functionality.

For Google Chrome:

From the spanner-like icon at the top right hand section of the browser, select “options” from that dropdown menu and choose “settings”. After that is done, at the right hand side of the screen, you will notice three fold-up clickable links, select “Extensions” from the links and there you go. From all extension lists, remove or disable each ones that you do not want to be on your computer and then close the popup window. Restart your browser and start enjoying the internet once again!

This is how to make your broadband internet connection perform excellently and forget giving yourself problems with bad ISP’s experiences. Thanks for reading

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All Huawei Modem Mobile Partner Dashboard v11.302 Software Free Download

Mobile Partner is the original software from Huawei for their modem. Huawei Modem users you can get rid of the customized provider client software by using Mobile partner(Huawei Connection Manager). With the huawei modem mobile partner, you have got so much freedom to do more with your usb modem


Usually Dashboard  software supplied along with the locked Huawei modem by providers. Unlike Globacom 3G  Modems, MTN, Etisalat and Airtel modems do not have call making feature(s) and many other modern facilities are missing.

Mobile partner software gives you the additional freedom to make calls and sms also. Here using this mobile partner from huawei you can use all the features of the modem. Huawei mobile partner is an application software similar to that of Nokia PC suite. Download huawei mobile partner(Huawei Connection Manager)from the mediafire link below

This hauwei usb modem mobile partner can be used along with any other huawei modem models

Click Here to download the all huawei usb modems mobile partner dashboard

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Post updated 17th July, 2013.