Best Ways To Become a Successful Rich Guest Blogger with Free and Paid blogs

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If you approach guest blogging in a professional manner you will be amazed at what becoming a guest blogger can do for you. You also get paid with high profits to guest blog. It can provide you an increase in:

1. Social proof of your status as an expert
2. Important authority site owners will become more aware of you
3. You will of course get an increase in links to your own blog
4. Joint-venture opportunities will arise
5. Fresh traffic
6. Disability in general

Here is what guest blogging does for you:

1. You get to provide a value to an online community that isn’t yours
2. It encourages other people to promote your guest posts through social networking and bookmarking
3. You get to make contact with people in the same niche as yourself, which isn’t always a bad thing
4. You get to build an ever-increasing strong networking base

5. You get to share information, your opinions, your products more extensively
6. You give people a greater chance of getting to know you Remember too, even though it may seem labour-intensive to start with to create top-quality content as a guest blogger, there is no reason that you cannot outsource this with a quality article writer.

guest blogging opportunities

Here’s how to find out if a blog needs a guest blogger.

Many blogs will have it listed in plain sight somewhere in the navigation of the blog that guest bloggers are encouraged to submit content there.

There will usually be clear guidelines about using photos, resource boxes, and the kind of linking that is allowed.

They will usually state what kind of topics they want the posts to be about,
the length of the articles. However, you may want to be more assertive and proactive in becoming an expert guest blogger do what you need to do is follow blogs in your niche and look for opportunities and clues.

You can do a search in Google as easy as “guest blogger wanted” and you will be surprised at the number of results that appear. Here is the more phrases that you could search for in Google for guest
blogging opportunities:

“submit blog post”
“write for us”
“become guest writer”
“become an author”
“add blog post”
I would also recommend that you become a member of forums in your niche.

The best Simple ways to ensure that you get a Guest Blogging Work

1. Is to contact a blog owner directly and explain why you are a good fit for that blog’s readership; relevant facts about you and your knowledge of the topic; links to samples of your work on the topic.

2. You may also want to suggest some proposed topics that sound compelling and interesting. You can also make it clear that you’ve read a post that they’ve made. You can also let them know that you have promoted the post elsewhere through social networking or social bookmarking.

3. Also if they allow comments I would recommend that you also become a contributor to their blog through commenting so that they become aware of you through that process as well. If you wanted to increase your chance even further of becoming a regular guest blogger on the site, you may offer them an article in your first contact with them, making sure that it is informative, useful, and top quality information and make sure to advise them that it is 100% unique and has been written just that there blog readership.

How To Be The Best Guest Blogger You Can Be

In order to be a top-quality guest blogger you need to understand the readership extensively and the blog.

As much as you are able to you should:

Look extensively at who reads the posts and leave comments; try to analyse the skill level of the readers; what is the general writing style like on the entire blog, what sort of voice doesn’t have on the where.

Here are Things to Avoid as a Guest Blogger:

1. Keyword stuffed articles
2. Promoting your own services or products in the content
3. Using PLR articles
4. Poor research
5. Not following deadlines
6. Ignoring guidelines
7. Not proofreading your posts.

How To Create Powerful Post Structures In Guest Blogging

You need:
1. A short, punchy headline that is irresistible. It either makes the reader say “That’s exactly what I need to learn!” or “I gotta see what this is about…”
2. A first sentence that “hooks” the reader (and pulls him right in the deep end!)
3. A great resource box or bio, no more than two lines, tops
4. Professional caliber, original photos
5. A Thumbnail photo of you, resized ready to fit their specs, if you see the blog uses author thumbnails
6. Breaks in the text. Short paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points and subheads all help people to read posts quickly and easily. (Remember that online readers


first – until they find something that “grabs” their attention.)

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