Cheapest Mobile Internet Data Plan For Android Phones

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Among the top network operators in naija such as Airtel, GLo, MTN and ETISALAT…

The cheapest and most data friendly internet connection service providers for android phones such as HTC, Samsung, Techno, Gionee etc. that most people now use nowadays is AIRTEL.

Android phones are generally known to be devices that are huge data service consuming and as such the need for mobile internet data service usage is as important as calling with the phones.

android internet data usage

With the advent of top android mobile apps and software as BBM for androidm Viber, Whatsapps, 2go that most android mobile devices’ users can hardly go out a day without using to mobilize and rock their world; there is so much need to frequently have a an android sim loaded with large data.

Why AIRTEL is seen as the most data-friendly mobile internet service is that, their BIS works on all devices – Blackberry and non-Blackberry devices as pc and phones.

For a variety of flexible and economic-friendly android data subscription plans on the airtel network, check here

How to Save Internet Data and AIRTIME Credit on Android Devices

Since most android phones applications run un-noticed, it is usually advisable to its users to always turn off data by quickly using the shortcut process of swiping the screen down to access android data usage manager and just tapping it.

This does not only save your mobile internet data, but also helps to save your calling and texting airtime credit if you’re not subscribed to an android data plan.

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