Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi, is a God fearing Internet and information marketer, motivational and ransformational speaker, internet expert, author, online business consultant,  investor and wealth creator.

Jerrywhyte is also a blogger who loves technology. Would you want to contact me, please use this link to send me an email using the contact form

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good day to you Jerrywhyte,
    Its always good to see nigerians doing a great job.Keep it up.
    I will want to inquire if this generator can actually generate GSM numbers of subscribers within a particular region(state, local govt or specific area).

    1. Dear Ola,
      You get the script source code from me and give it
      to a programmer to code and re-program the script so
      that you can use it to generate millions of Nigeria GSM
      Phone handset users phone numbers based on the
      their location and states.

      Currently the script on this web page can do it. I think
      if given to a coder or a programmer with something of
      this nature already here, they could make it a dream
      come through.

      Lets me know if you still have more questions.

      Hope it helps!

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