How to Cancel and Delete Your RebelMouse Account After Signin/Signup

Just like every other trending big top contents curated sites like Pinterest, Huffington Post, he Big Apple  Circus, Drudge, Adobe’s CMO

Most people still don’t know the option to optin for especially when it comes to synchronizing your website  contents with psuedo or real contents curating sites on the internet

While many websites owners and websites are still  confused of the type  and kinds  of contents curated sites, many still don’t know whether  or not if they should also allow their web contents to  be harmonized through out a specific sites.

You can read up this Forbes post on 4 Reasons Why  Content Curation has now become a big deal and the order  of the day in the contents marketing industry

Just as other contents aggregating (curating) sites  regardless of the content curating methods, purpose,  industry and niches, there is ultimately single thing in  common – combining two or more sources of information,  re-writing, formatting of contents style, layout or
format into one comprehensive resource

What is Rebelmouse about?

Rebelmouse is simply a social media sort of contents  aggregating and listing sites that automatically pull up  your website contents and lay them all out in place on  their website created under an individual specific  account.

Big websites like Mashable, Business Insider, TechCrunch  and the rest of others seems to make recommendation for  this website they are actually not using. The few top  big sites using this site contents listing features do  so under a customized domain unlike other normal users  like you and I, going by this simple reason and other  things, I became sceptical using their service and I  discontinued effectively

As at time of writing this post, Rebelmouse is currently  on the Beta(testing) stage, there is something actually  missing on at the moment, its the  inability of its users to cancel and delete its account.  I searched the website and did a few Google search there  was no solution to this.

How I Canceled and Deleted My Rebel Mouse Account

After trying few ways to ensure my account was deleted  from Rebel mouse with no result, I simply shoot them an  through their support email address at [email protected] and [email protected] with the  email subject

“I Want To Delete My Website and Account From Rebel House‏”

This message was sent on Saturday and got a reply from  one of its customer care Representative – Jack by Monday  morning. This delay was because it was weekend, if you  send yours within business working days, you should  receive reply within 24 hours

Email Template and Snippet I sent Rebelmouse for my  Account Deletion


Email Reply I Received From Rebelmouse for My Account  Cancellation


Here is my account URL link with Rebelmouse after signup  And you could see that, that page has been removed from  their network and contents also deleted from their database as the link now shows “404 Error”


Please I don’t really have any negative opinions about Rebelmouse social contents sharing, just that I didn’t have  a good reason why I needed to remain with them.

I Want to Signup and Create an Account?

Getting a Rebelmouse account created for you is free,  simple and easy, with any of your social network site  account logins with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ you can signin/signup

Still Having Hidden Malicious Software Troubles? Download Free Microsoft Windows Malware Removal Tool

If you are so concern in getting rid of all the harmful software such as viruses, trojans, or rootkits usually scripted by PC integrity invader technology to disrupt the normal performance of your computer system, then the novel free microsoft windows OS malicious software removal tool will do the magic for you in no record time

This is a timely viruses and trojan software removal tool that has come from one of the most respected and trusted PC software company who has been a trail blazer in the whole of the computer industry with remarkable and unarguable results thereby restoring technology safety in homes, schools, organizations, companies all around the world.


You could see that while running this software from my PC from the image above, just one file had been infected on my PC, these is the same PC avast professional edition runs with the latest updates few seconds before I downloaded the software. After successful installing and doing full scan, it has detected and got rid of the malicious malware perhaps, have been doing damage to my PC secretly.

A number of software that scan and remove unwanted malware from PC have been released over the years, but I don’t think all of them has the the PC garbage cleaning capacity and features microsoft windows malicious software removal tool offers.

The microsoft malware removal tool based on its features-architecture for fighting and eating up malware is competitively having an edge over most popular antivirus software programs such as Avast antivirus (both free and premium), AVG(both free and premium), Avira, Kaspersky anti-virus etc.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Fake Vs. Real

Getting the original and authentic copy of this malware removal software, you can download your copy free from any of these trusted download sites

Microsoft Direct Download

Cnet Download Mirror


Please beware as there are many other websites that offers fake microsoft malicious software tool. please read up this post on how to figure out fake windows malware removal software

Need More Reviews as Regards The Software Advantages and Disadvantages by other Users Online

You can get other microsoft windows’ users raving reviews and thoughts as regards what their experiences have been so far, maybe this will give you a better clue on some of the benefits of downloading and running the software on your windows powered operating system

File Forum Reviews


Cnet Reviews Plus Advantages and Disadvantages


Trick to Enjoy Cheap and Big Gigabytes With Glo BIS on All 3G Data Card Modems and Smartphone Devices

If you use globacom Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) on your backberry smartphone device or you don’t use a blackberry phone but would also want to enjoy relatively cheap PC internet subcription plan like others are currently doing then you will find this post very useful

Lets go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head with no fluffs except the real meat, I mean the real content that your heart cheerfully desire at this moment


To enjoy this cheap cyberspace connection access with large volume of gigabytes on your deskop and laptop, you are going to need to subscribe for any of the GLO BIS that best suites your browsing needs. As for me I chose to opt in for the 3Gig plan that cost me N1400. Gosh! did I hear you say this is damn great “awufu”? sure it’s, this 3Gig bandwidth would only have been alloted to you if you had subscribed with N4000 or so

How to Easily Connect to Any GLO Blackberry Internet Subscription Plan

Subscribe to any of the glo bis plan by sending any of the subscription code to triple seven – 777


To signup for GLO BIS of 3Gig Monthly Plan
simply text “comonth” to 777 it cost N1400

To signup for GLO 3Gig BIS Monthly Plan
simply text “somonth” to 777 it cost N1200

To Optin for GLO 700MB BIS Weekly Plan
simply send “coweek” in a text to 777 it cost N400

To a get complete lists of glo blackberry plan and activation code, check

How to Set Up Your 3g Data Card Modems With GLO BIS
After successfully subscribing for any of the BIS plan of your choice, you are going to need to configure your usb modem by creating a new blackberry profile via GUI

carefully input these settings into your modems

Profile: MediaTechBlog
Username & Password: Leave both spaces empty
Access Number: *99#

Click Ok and exit

Relaunch your modem GUI and select from the drop down menu “MediaTechBlog” then click “Connect” tab

If you don’t know how to get your usb modem Graphic User interface (GUI) and input the settings stated above, read this post

If your hauwei or zte 3g data card modems have not been unlocked, get your modem unlocking code here free

Please I don’t entertain calls and text messages relating to anything “usb modems and browsing”, if you need me for whatsoever, simply comment below I will try to respond

How to configure your Android Smartphone and iOS Devices

This browsing tricks works also on iPad, iPhone, samsung galaxy, HTC, all tablets devices, non-smart mobile phones etc.

Just go over to wireless & networks or connectivity or internet configuration profile or anything relating to internet settings on your mobile devices and input the trick above.

Accessing and Using the New Glo BIS Activation Code Should any Necessity Arise 

If you are having problems getting your glo line subscribed for any of the BIS plan kindly call GLO customer care on 121 and request for the other method for activating you blackberry, they will ask you few questions or none and give you any of the each of the corresponding activation code.

For instance when I was trying to activate the Glo N1400 3Gig at the initial time, my phone showing that the bis activation process was pending, after the much over-waiting, I called their customer care rep. and I was given a new activation for glo comonth N1400 3Gig  to dail. This is *777*12#

Immediately I dialed the above code, the subscription activation went easily without anymore issues.

Use the comment to let me know what you think about this relatively cheap bis browsing settings and tricks, and lets me know if you are encountering any issues or problems

My Internet Connection Sucks? Sketchy Trustpenny Review to Choose an ISP that Truly Works Fast

It’s no more news that most internet users if not all are now having series of negative internet connection problems ranging from slow speed, poor network, bad reception signal, connectivity downtime to frequent disconnection especially those that use the commonest internet connection equipment and tool like the general one always on demand – 3g data card usb modems.

This is rather a quick post that will instantly cause you to take the right decision thereby helping you make the right switch of your ISP. It covers my encounter, avid online users, top internet marketers and bloggers experiences on what works and what does not work as regards your choice for selecting and choosing your ISP, the reasons why I stick to the ones I’m using at the moment.


Glo rocks and as always still remains the best efficient and a bit reliable broadband kind of internet service provider with less customer complaints. Gosh! did I hear you say “you are wrong dude”? Just a few more minutes or so, I would prove it, just read on

That is why after my experiences with airtel, mtn, etisalat, I have no any other choice than to stick with them as my prefer choice of internet browsing provider. And you would unarguably agree with me that mtn seems to be d worst, Airtel is the 2nd best bet after Glo while Etisalat follows in the top lists

This skeletal statistical guess sort of is culled from social network sites like and Twitter also from realtime users’ active forums like etc

People often complain of super-fast glo 3g unavailability in their location, a vast majority complain about MTN’s poor, inefficient and unreliable service while most internet marketers grumble about airtel not opening many sensitive internet marketing sites like

Others have repeatedly insatiably complained about Etisalat not working on so many third party apps and software like Virtual Private Network (VPN) for those trying to access blocked websites or websites service who have selectively banned or flagged some national IP from locating and reaching their service for one reason and the other. A good example is,, (for those using this payment option to receive auctioned web properties like domain name or websites)

With which ever reasons you’re here on the internet be you here to socialize, learn, make research, study or make money like I do the reason for importance for getting an hassle-free, efficient, reliable and downtime-free internet browsing service can’t be over emphasized as your success and failure for any of these reasons itemized above boils down and is chiefly controlled and regulated by your choice of internet connectivity.

Top 2 Simple Ways to Share a Laptop Wifi/LAN Internet Connection

From experience and research I know a vast majority of internet users especially non computer or internet savvy techie have problems trying to do a simple internet connection sharing with friends in school, in office or even with family at home.

With this simple Wifi and LAN internet connection sharing post, you are going to learn windows XP and Windows 7 wireless internet connection sharing. If your laptop has inbuilt or external wireless (WI-FI) device you can use it to share your internet  with as many pc users that you want within the Wifi signal reach range

My 2 Top Free Easy-to-use Software for Internet Connection Sharing over Wifi and LAN

1. Connectify
2. Virtual Access Point (VAP)

I dont want to bug you with any daunting PC set-up or configuration terms and language, the easiest way to go is download either Virtual Access Point or Connectify Virtual Access Point

I am going to assign each of the software simple set-up guide to each of the two operating systems

Windows 7 Wireless Internet Connection Sharing Tips  Using Connectify

Download connectify pro software full free download version Click here

After a successful download, run and install the software. Name your Hotspot and set a password for it. Select the internet connection you intend sharing from


Select connection type Wifi/LAN from the “Advance” tab

Then select “Security Mode” as Ad-Hoc, WEP

After successfully setting up your connectify software, then open “Properties” of your internet connection. Click on Sharing, tick any of the following boxes as seen in the image snapshot below


Windows XP WiFi/LAN Internet Connection Sharing Tips using VAP Software

Download and run Virtual Access point full free version Click Here

After successful installation of the Virtual Access Point Software (VAP), click on the tab “Share My Internet”

Thereafter, you will need to select the internet connection that you want to share from, then select the LAN/Wireless link as seen in the image snapshot below


Assuming you are using Airtel internet connection service and you need to share  it with frinds, love ones or relations over your Wifi/LAN device, after configuring your VAP internet sharing software above, you are going to need to click and open the Airtel internet connection sharing, click “properties”, then click “Sharing” button, tick the three boxes bearing

“Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”

Select, “Wireless internet connection” from the drop down menu

Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet”

Lastly, tick untick “Allow network users to control or disable the shared internet connection” as it pleases you

Then click “Start Sharing

Please see the 2nd image above for guide

Other important Wi-fi Connection Sharing tools includes

  • Wi-Fi AP discovery tools
  • Wi-fi connection managers
  • Wi-fi raw packet capture tools
  • wi-fi traffic analyzers
  • Vowifi traffic and Qos analyzers
  • Wi-fi predictive planning tools
  • wi-fi site survey heatmapping tools
  • Bluetooth security tools
  • Mobile Wi-fi spectrum analyzers
  • Wi-fi endpoint security clients
  • Wi-fi intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • wi-fi vulnerability scanners and assessment toolkits

and they all and many more can be gotten from this site