The Unique Improvements Of The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 maintains some of the design which one can use to identify the previous models – the iPhone 4 and 4S. However, in other ways, the iPhone 5 presents significant changes producing a mobile upgrade that feels much more modern and advanced.

Previous iPhone models were made of stainless steel sandwiched between sheets of glass. The iPhone 5 is made out of aluminum. This is the same material used by Apple on their iPads as well as their desktop computers. It also has certain ramifications for the device. One of these is that by using aluminum, the iPhone 5 is much stronger than other models. Continue reading The Unique Improvements Of The iPhone 5

Ways to Unlock All Huawei E303 Usb Modems Using Dc-Unlocker Unsername & Password Credits

Have you recently bought/purchased huawei e303 modem and have tried using your own model imei to calculate and generate the unlock code but to know avail, then this unlocking tutorial is for you.

To be perfectly honest, there is no any free reliable ways to easily unlock all huawei E-series usb modems at the moment not even the cracked crap dc unlocker. So if you really want to save yourself of the stress of searching for ways to unlock your huawei e303 modem fast, then use this method.

I have written and posted 2 ways to get your huawei e303 usb modem(s) unlocked code but the first option seems not to be working and the second method though working for some huawei e303 third-party network carriers.

Most network operators in naija such as Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom and MTN have now switched to this new brand of huawei usb modem and previous unlocking algorithm seems not to be working apart from DC unlocker who have also updated their software to accept this new huawei algorithm 3g modems

Due to popular demand I have decided show you the sure bet ways to troubleshoot and fix this annoying blocked and locked usb modems that don’t allow other network operators’ simcards


Owing to growing datacard modems’ queries and needs, DC-Unlocker client software has added new huawei and zte 3G usb modems and routers to their software unlocking database and platform to help their users across the world who are having varying modem unlocking issues and problems and as always, help them troubleshoot and fix these errors.

Because of this simple reason, DC-unlocker has always improved their datacard unlocking software to meet these competitive necessities as most people seems to either be using datacard usb or routers to be accessing the cyberspace .

Newly Added 3G Usb Modems
Huawei E303
Hiawei E357
Huawei E368
Huawei E369

Newly Added Routers

You can get a complete lists of these newly added tools and features here

And all of these stubbornly difficult huawei and zte 3g usb modems and routers can conveniently be unlocked by purchasing DC-Unlocker Client unlocking credits if after trying these preceding options (Huawei e303 Unlocking methods 1 and 2)  for unlocking your datacard but with little or no avail, then you will absolutely find this last and final third option post playing a great messianic role and help for you.

How and where to Buy Usb Modems Unlocking Credits From DC-Unlocker Client

you will need approximately 4 unlocking credits to generate your hauwei e303 usb modem unlock code before username and password attach to the unlock code can be given.

Dc-unlocker – one of the most functional and reliable third-party client software for breaking and generating restricted usb modems and datacards has smartly encoded its unlocking clients with the latest technology thereby making it amazingly possible for you to have a wide range of internet modems unlocking access  and options which literally can not be gotten from most other unlocking software.

Check Here for cheap DC-Unlocker Pricing plans

DC-Unlocker Varying Payment Methods and Options

Making payment for the dc unlocking code username and password for your hauwei e303 etc. is easy. You can pay with any of the following payment option and processor.

I like I have said earlier, countless number of persons have complained that most of the free options for generating difficult modems code like huawei e303 unlock codes are not reliable.

In fact this is so true as there is no solid and failure-proof options for calculating this brand of modem other than using dc-unlocking credit that comes in the form of usernames and passwords and this cost a small fee that is actually worth the trouble if you ask me.

Below are the top payment options that DC-unlocker clients does accept for the small fee charge

1. Paypal
2. Moneybookers
3. Hipay
4. Bank Transfer via Dormiciliary
5. WebMoney
6. Via SMS (network provider)


Those from paypal banned nations like Naija, Ghana etc. you can read up this post Paypal Guide & Tutorial for Banned Countries 

For secured ways to remotely create a paypal account without being limited right there from your country. If you are really serious in getting a paypal account without having to worry about paypal troubles, I guaranteed, this post will change things for you

If you also do Online Survey Jobs – Data entry companies online that have flagged your national carrier IPs, this paypal guide would also be of great help to you. In fact this payapl account for banned countries’ guide and tutorial is a must read for you

Remember you would need 4 dc unlocker credits which cost 4 euros, 1 credit is equivalent to one euro. that’s 205 x 4 = NGN 1020

Whichever of the payment option you wanna use, at the end of the day after successful transaction, DC unlocker would send you your username and password. Ensure you keep this safe

Unlocking Your Hauwei e303 or Similar modem with Your DC-Unlocker Username and Password

You will need to download the recently updated dc unlocker client software for your  hauwei and zte modems (customized and non customized), routers, phones etc. so as to access other amazing features that have been added.

All of these most recent Dc software updates you can access from here

After a successful download and installation of the new version, kindly follow these simple steps to unlock your modem using the username and password you got during the registration process in their signup page

Step 1
Connect your and run the software GUI (graphics user interface)

Step 2
Select your device manufacturer and its corresponding model from the drop-down menu on the left side

Select Manufacturer: Huawei Modem
Select Model: Huawei E303
Ports: The software will automatically detect this

Unlock Type: Read Unlock code and auto enter to modem

Step 3
Click Server and carefully enter your username and password under login options, thereafter, click login. Select unlocking and simply hit the “Do Job” button

Within seconds, your huawei e303 usb modem would be unlocked.

This post has taking me hours to write so as to help solve and fix your internet connection problems without having restrictions and limits, you are opportuned to have got this tutorial, however, just hitting the share button would help to reach your friends on  social networks.

Let me know if this method works real good for you. To your internet surfing success. Lets me know exactly what you would want me to help you write on.


Post updated 17th July, 2013.

Ways to Solve and Fix Disabled Google Ads Code Serving Your Website and Blog

For a detailed Google Adsense Case Study, Please read this preceding post on

Website Serving Google Ads Code Disabled – Overview and Case study on How to Troubleshoot it, but if you need straight solution on you can restore back blocked and banned ads serving your website, read on!

Ways for Resolving Google Ads Serving Your Website Has Been Disabled Problem

There are literally two (2) ways for resolving Disabled ads serving website problems

  1. Filling a reconsideration appeal request form
  2. Changing your domain name and doing 301 htaccess redirect

For a complete guide on how to effectively use Google adsense reconsideration appeal form to get back disabled ads serving your site please read this post.


Changing Your Domain Name and Doing 301 Htaccess Redirect

If you are just like me that did not get success using Google reconsideration appeal request form after ads serving my site was disabled, then the second option is your best bet.

Whenever google adsense stop serving ads to you, it’s not your website that is affected, it’s your domain name.

So if after ensuring your web pages are in compliance with Google adsense program by deleting every conflicting web pages and contents whatsoever and Google still refuses to restore ads serving your website, the best option is for you to change your domain name I repeat.

Using as an example, Google adsense suddenly stopped serving their ads there as said earlier in my preceding post here

Carefully Select a Similar or Exact Domain with Your Old Domain Name

After my domain name at had been shut down by google adsense, I have to ensure the domain name I got look similar to the former one. I tried buying which had already been registered by someone else, but the guy was not willing to sell.

Luckily for me was available and I quickly went over to and I have it registered.

After buying, It was now time for me to do htaccess 301 redirect from

How to Do Htaccess Redirect

I am not a coder or programmer just a smart blogger, you may contact your hosting company for help on how to do effective and SEO friendly htaccess 301 redirect from a domain name to a new domain name

If you website or blog is hosted on hostgator, you can read this 301 redirect tutorial or directly contact hostgator customer care representative live chat here  who would be more than happy to move your website from one domain to another for you.

You may also contact people on,, etc, but the former is more secure and better than the later

What to Do after Doing 301 Htaccess Redirect

  1. Submit your new domain to Google Webmaster tool
  2. Add Google analytic s or any other third-party website tracking code to your site via your its dashboard
  3.  Promote your sites across the social network
  4. Begin to do link building at least with the simplest blog commenting, you can use this automated tool Drop My Link to search for blog posts and niche relating to yours

Disadvantages of Changing your Domain after Ads Serving It Had Been Shutdown

  1. I lost a solid PR of 3 domain
  2. I lost my website search engine result page (SERP)
  3. I lost all my website social sites stats and counts that is my blog posts facebook likes, twitter and stumble upon stats and counts etc many of which were over 100k

How to Know if Ads Serving Your Website Has Been Re-enabled By Google Adsense

You will get a notification email from Google after they would review your site, and if it all changes have been made, Ads serving to your website would be enabled

Below is snippet of the email Google will send you once they have re-enabled ads serving to your website


Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply with our policies. After thoroughly reviewing xxxxxxxx, we have now re-enabled ad serving to this site.

Because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled, you many notice a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing on your site again. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

It took my site 24 hours for re-enabled ads to starts showing up

Please lets help share the knowledge and experience as so many people are stuck and stranded trying to fix and resolve this google ads issues. Just hitting  twitter, G+ and facebook re-share button  will get this to your friends across the social network and beyond.

Lets me know you think, have you think, where you able to resolve your own google ads issues? lets us know on the comment thread

Naija Movies – Free Top 3 Sites to Watch and Download African Drama and Films Online

With the advent of fast 3G and 4G broadband internet connection and services watching and downloading full ads-free nigerian movies online for free is now more than possible.

But as for those still subscribing for the Gigabyte internet surfing bandwidth plan on naija telecom operators, being stuck with limited access on how many movies that can be watched and downloaded is a factor that should not be over-looked as the number of movies watched and downloaded depends on how your internet bandwith get exhausted.

But be that as it may, most naija citizens in the diaspora who have always loved to watch non cable-satellite movies from across the globe can now do so from their finger tips just with internet connection enabled PC


How to watch and download nigeria movies online free from any where in the world?

its easy, just simply bookmark these top 3 sites and take note of the corresponding naija channels url.


From any of these Nigerian movies watching channels online, you decide to specifically choose from which type of films to watch and you will be able to have free 24/7 access among all the indigenous movies accross Nigeria ranging from

Yoruba Movies
Igbo Movies
Hausa Movies

Urhobo, Edo, Efik, Isoko, Ibibio, Tiv, Idoma and lots more nigeria ethnic movies online.

You can share this with friends on facebook, twitter and Linkedin, You can also use the comment to add more high-quality movies and drama sites peculiar to Africa (Naija)