How to Unlock AT&T Wireless Usb Modem and Use T-Mobile Simcard and Others on it – Free Unlock Code Generator Tool

At&t a leading cell phone service provider has been one of the top wireless micro mobile internet connection service provider round the globe.

The most popular contemporary internet connections are now being provided in two phases which are through

1. Smartphones internet service (on the go)
2. Removable usb modems internet connection service

Using plugable usb modems as far as i am concerned still remain the easiest and flexible way to get your PC connected to the internet unlike using WLAN, Cable fiber etc.


But one of the main limitation is that most network service provider and operator mass-produce these usb modems to accept only their simcard – gosh! just too bad a restriction sort of

Literally, you may need Four (4) different usb modems or so if your preferred network operators are four. For instance, if you have AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone and MTN Sim cards and lets assume there is a bad network reception (poor or weak internet connection signal) on AT&T, vodafone or MTN and you are having AT&T usb modem that only allows their simcard; What would you do in this bad case scenario?

Your option may be to go and buy a tmobile usb modem as well and what if the same thing happens to tmobile, your option may also be to go and get usb modem for the other networks. The question is why would be going through all these bitter experiences when you can simple unlock one of your modem free, configure it with other network operator internet settings thereafter you browse and surf the internet with?

Unlocking Your AT&T Wireless Usb Broadband Modem
Unlocking your usb modem gives you the benefit of making your usb modem universal; making your usb modem universal literally makes your modem multi-purpose in function thereby allowing you to switch back and forth any of your preferred network operator simcard at any point in time as you which

to unlock your AT&T Usb Modem, download this universal usb modem unlocker software tool free here and read up this ehow tutorial at

Unlock code generating third-party service like Cell Corner, Cell Unlock Code or GSM Liberty do charge between 25$ and above to get  your usb modem imei number unlocking code

But you can download the AT&T, T-mobile, vodafone, MTN usb modems IMEI unlock code generator software free here or call AT&T customer care to provide your unlock code

Things you will Need to unlock Your AT&T Wireless Modems

1. IMEI number of your usb modem
2. Unlock code generator software


Simple Ways to Mount Usb Devices in Linux Operating System

Introduction: Differences Between Usb Devices and CDs, DVDs and Floppy Drives

USB drives, pen drives, flash drives and external hard disks (HDD) are increasingly becoming the most popularly used removable storage devices in the computing world. And the reasons are not really hard to fathom.

The USB devices are faster to use than CDs or DVDs or even floppies.

Floppies take up a considerable amount of time to get written and get corrupted after being used for a couple of times.

CDs, DVDs and Floppies are also extremely fragile; the slightest of scratches may result in the user having multiple bad sectors in the disk from which data recovery becomes difficult.


USB devices in comparison are faster, well-built and more resistant to damage, easier to carry and are more portable. A 16 Gigabytes (GB) pen drive is of the size of just a little finger that can store high amount of data which is literally more than what CDs, DVDs and floppies can accommodate

In computers with Linux platforms also, using USB is becoming more and more popular. USB Linux is not much difficult to use once one has gone through the required tutorial. Most Linux users are not however, comfortable with using USB devices because of lack of knowledge in its working process

SCSI Linux Device Naming Utilities: Technology on How Linux Usb Devices Operate and Function

USB devices use SCSI names in linux operating system. SCSI names represent the USB devices in the system. Names such as dev/sda are used to represent the first USB device and likewise partition. It must be confirmed that the Linux kernel has support for USB devices.

Easy Steps on How to Mount USB Devices in Linux and Pen Drive

The following steps should be followed to mount USB in Linux or pen drive.

Firstly, one has to log in as the root user using the sudo command.

Secondly, after that, the mount disk command has to be made. There is another command that will enable one to use the USB drive or to see the files it contains.

There are other commands such as the rm, rmdir commands that will enable one to copy files from the drive to the hard disk.

The fdisk command enables one to delete available partitions and create new ones.

The dmesg command provides more information on the USB devices. Another command unmounts the device when it is not in use.

There are other specific commands that will enable one to format USB in Linux. The bootable USB Linux can be created with the help of certain utilities that can help create a bootable USB drive.

The USB Linux installer is also a quite simple to use utility that can help one install the USB on the system, when the USB device is not supported in the kernel.

USB devices’ popularity has warranted that all the different operating system incorporate it within themselves, in ways which will enable them to be used easily, speedily and conveniently. That is why Linux too has included it. Different websites have sprung up on the internet to provide help and step by step guidelines that help users go through each of the processes involved in using USB Linux easily. Even the apparently complicated has become easy.

Free WordPress Theme Finder – How to Find What Wp Blog Theme a Site is Using

More often than not when we are on a blog site the tendency of finding out the name of the blog theme on which that website is built and up and running becomes a factor especially when such site theme seems to be having a different the designs and layout from what we used to know or from the one we are much familiar with.

Even as a theme maker and programmer that customizes and create themes for people online, you would also find this how to find out what wordpress theme a blog site is using tutorial tips and tricks to sniffle other theme type online. So here are the ways to find out without too much ado

Three (3) Ways to Finding and Detecting a WordPress Site Theme Name

1. Using Automatic wordpress Theme Finder Tool online

What WordPress Theme is That?

This is the simplest, easiest and quickest method to find and detect what wordpress theme a site is using is running the free What WordPress Theme is that tool online


Seven (7) Details The Wp Theme Finder Tool Will Show you

Upon enter the website, and inputting the blog site address or url, the online blog theme finder software will show you any of the following if available

  • Theme name
  • Version of the blog theme,
  • Theme developer homepage (source)
  • Theme Coder Description
  • The Author or theme maker name
  • The theme or author website address
  • The theme License type

2. Using Google Chrome Theme Sniffer Extension Plugins

You can search google chrome plugin and extension webstore and install any suitable blog theme name sniffer or directly link to any of the two wp blog theme finder extension for chrome toolbar below and have them installed




3 Using Web Browser Page Source Information
This method is for advanced web/internet users, with browsers page source info, you can get the name of a wordpress site theme link and use Google search engine to get the remaining details about the theme.

All Web Browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE etc.) Html Page source Shortcut Key


From any web browser environment just simply press this shortcut key  Ctrl+U and the web browser page source will be opened in a new tab, try looking and searching from the html page source from this new window, you will see the /wp-theme/ folder name and just copy and paste the link into any web search engine. Like i said above this method is rather meant for advance internet user, so if you are a newbie, i still strongly recommend you use the automatic theme finder tool online in method one above.

So if you have been wondering and trying to get a wordpress site theme name and all the necessary information to have sneak preview of the exact theme, I am sure you have found the handful of information above useful. Lets me know if this was really of great help to and if its answer your “What wordpress theme is a site using and running” question?


Color Code Conversion – Rbg to Hex and Hex to Rgb Color Chart, Code and Meaning

RGB and Hex Defination

The name RGB (rgb) is coined from the three (3) primary colors which are red, green and blue, hence, rgb simply means red, green and blue.

Hex is simply means Hexadecimal format of web colors that are used in designing web pages and graphics, as a blogger, programmer,  graphics and website designer and software apps coder, you will find this color coding useful


Html Color codes converter For Graphics and Html Webpages

With the most popular color name, red, green and blue which are simply abbreviated as RGB colours, you can use varying free online color converter to convert you from hex color code to RGB color code and from RGB to Hex vice versa to give you the hexadecimal values of your RGB colours

so if you are webmaster, a blogger, graphics designer, internet marketer etc. you can form and create your own custom color code and use it prepare your graphics and HTML web pages.

Types of Color Coding Format Conversion

  1. rgb to rgb color code conversion
  2. rgb to hex color code conversion
  3. hex to hex color code conversion
  4. hex to rgb color code conversion

The two (2) main ways of converting html webpages and graphics from one form to another when working with color code online are RGB to Hex and Hex to RGB vice versa. RGB (red, green and blue) to rgb and from hex (Hexadecimal) to hex color format
Free Hex to RGB and RGB to Hex Color Code Converter Tool Online

Click here for simple, easy and quick Free Html Color code Converter Tool Online for converting RBG to RGB and from RGB to Hex colors Vice Versa

Web Safe Colors
There are standard 256 displaying colors of 216 are safest web colors. it was also selected because it allows exactly six equally-spaced shades of red, green, and blue (6 × 6 × 6 = 216), each from 00 to FF (including both limits)

Html color Name, Chart, Table and Meaning


More Standard Web-Safe Color Code Chart



This lists of color charts and table contain over 300+ (plus) RGB to Hex converted safe standard web color name, code and meaning


You can learn more in details about Web colors from

All Zte Mobile Usb Modems Dashboard Download

Just like hauwei usb modem mobile dashboard partner for installing better and most recent and easily customizeable  user graphic interface, you can also do the same with zte 3g usb internet modems.

Read All Mobile Partner Dashboard Free Download (All Updates and Versions)

With the latest update of Zte dashboard, you can now have a third-party option to control the features of your dashboard user interface, instead of being limited to the default features that came with your modem network operator, you can now have access to a wide range of better features.



Download Latest Zte Dashboard from the download link below

Zte Mobile Partner Dashboard and Connection Manager Software Download

All Mobile Partner Dashboard Free Download (All Updates and Versions)

If you are a fan of hauwei usb modem technologies here is the recent new release version of all hauwei usb broadband modem mobile partner software for all of its usb modem models and series

Some of the cool features of the hauwei mobile partner 23 new release include the following

1. Varying range of skins (3 different skins)
2. Portability
3. Uses less RAM resources
4. New friendly graphic user interface (GUI)
5. All hauwei usb and broadband modems are currently supported by this mobile partner software

Latest New Hauwei Mobile Partner Dashboard 23 Full Free Download Link


The universal Hauwei mobile partner works on all computer operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Mac (Lion), Ubuntu, Linux.

Get and download the latest version (23) from the link below


All Operating systems are supported – Download Lastest version 23 Here

Some of the previous mobile partner version and their respective download links includes

Mobile Partner Dashboard 11

mobile partner-download
Download Link

Mobile Partner 11 software Update Wizard


Modem Dashboard Mobile Partner 16

Download Link: For Windows OS
For Linux Operating System

Mobile Partner 16 software Update Wizard

Dashboard Mobile Partner 21

Download Links
Mobile Partner 21 Software For Winodws (7/ xp/ Vista)
Mobile Partner 21 Software For Linux
Mobile Partner 21 Software For Mac

Mobile Partner 21 software Update Wizard For All Operating System


Image Credit & Download Link: Modem Unlock


All Zte MF Series Unlocked Codes – Zte MF100, MF110, MF180, MF190 Usb Modem Unlocking Software, Drivers and Firmware Download

Just as I have explained from my preceding  posts on how to use crap DC unlocker to unlock  your wireless 3G usb modems, more often than not  lots of people are still having difficulties  unlocking their ZTE MF series and model of usb  broadband modems

Two Ways to Unlock Your ZTE MF Series 3G Usb Modems

1. Using free crack version of crap DC unlocker
2. Using Zte MF Specific Unlock Code Calculator,
Drivers and Firmware

Method One (1):
Using Free Crack Version of Crap DC Unlocker

Just to give you an highlights, but you can read full proceeding Zte modems unlocking tutorials here

Quick Tips & Tutorial Overview
Download and install Crap DC unlocker software and tool from here or 

After successful download of this modem unlocking software tool, first open the zip file and click on the dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0597_2.exe link to install. See image below


Second step is for you to open Zip File and click Unlock Zte option as seen from the image below



Step three is for you to extract DCCrap.Exe to anywhere you can easily access it e.g on your deskop

and start unlocking your usb modems


Steps to Unlock Your 3G Wireless Usb Modems

Step 1: Insert your modem with any other network service provider sim card in the sim tray

Step 2: Open the dongle Crap DC unlocker on your desktop and select ZTE Datacards

Step 3: Select Auto detect which is always recommended, and click scan

Your Zte MF usb modem will automatically be detected and unlocked by the crap dc unlocker

Method two (2):
Using ZTE MF Series and Model Unlocking Software, Drivers and Firmware

Click Here to read the concluding part of this post


Where to Get What is Being searched For on Google Right Now – Hot Searches, Queries & Keywords

Are you a blogger, journalist, paparazzi(photography), correspondent, smart affiliate and internet marketer? looking for breaking hot search keywords and topics on Google Engine, here is a simple quick tips and tricks for you.

Internet Hot Searches Tips and Tricks

If you a journalist in the news industry or micro niche blogger and blogger getting the most recently searched thing on Google right now or at every moments gives you a firsthand edge over your competitors who seems to be contending with you in the same niche and for the same keywords and search phrases


So getting the most out of your niche sites will not be complete absolutely with results if you can’t device and figure out means on how to stealthily get the ground breaking hot search terms before you competitor would ever know if such words or things are being searched for online.

To get currently and recently searched for keywords, you need to be on the right platform (site tools) at the right time with the right mind and intent

Breaking Hot Searched Keywords, Trends and Topics Tool Online.

To get all web searches, hunts and queries that people are currently searching and looking for at the moment and at every time online, you need to check out any of the following free real-time search tools and trend functionality online

1. New Google Search Trend and Insights
2. Using Real-time Keywords and Research Tools
a. Keyword Spy
b. SpyFu
3. Social Media Breaking and Hot Searches
a. Twitter Buzz
b. Breaking Social Media 

What do you think of the recently free search terms getting and finding tools above? which is your most preferred option, do you have /know of any other good ads-free hot searches tools that you would want me to include in the lists? please feel free to use the comment to share with other internet user(s), I will be more than glad to add it as soon as possible upon approving your comment