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How to Translate a Language Online Using Free Google Translate Translator

I was currently doing a research online earlier today, I stumbled on a spanish based website whose contents has the exact stuffs I need but could not translate the website text contents to english which is my nation preferred language. I quickly remember Google has a simple but yet intuitive free all language translate translator […]


How to Increase Your Internet Connection Download Rate

Speed and download rate is what makes a great internet connection setup. If your connection cannot download faster from the internet, it doesn’t worth to be clarifies as a good internet connection setup, whereas, an internet connection with limited internet download rate cannot be refers to as a good internet setup. Also, a slow internet […]


We Need Broadband, Not ‘Plug “N” Pray’ Internet Modem Connection

This statement sound strange but it is truly not. Gone are the days when people will have to struggle a lot before they could access the internet, but the story has now changed. Not that a changed state, because people are still praying for broadband internet even till this moment and the story has never […]


All Huawei Modem Mobile Partner Dashboard v11.302 Software Free Download

Mobile Partner is the original software from Huawei for their modem. Huawei Modem users you can get rid of the customized provider client software by using Mobile partner(Huawei Connection Manager). With the huawei modem mobile partner, you have got so much freedom to do more with your usb modem Usually Dashboard  software supplied along with […]



Below are bundle superpack collection of high quality HD nature wallpapers. Its about 16 MB in size. All the wall papers are all in the common picture file format (JPEG), The picture sizes ranges from 1680X1050 to 2560X1600 pixels, Click  HD Nature Wallpapers Download Link to get  the full free premium pix


All PDF Files Decrypter Pro 3.20 Full Free Download – PDF Password Restrictions Remover Software

PDF Decrypter Pro is one of the best PDF password protected document remover and decoder software. PDF Decrypter Pro can be used to break protected PDF files which have “owner” password set, thereby preventing the file from editing, printing, selecting text and graphics and lots more Download And Install PDF Decrypter, Decoder and password remover […]


How to Download From ThePirateBay Using Torrent Software (Utorrent and BitTorrent)

ThePirateBay is site where premium files like expensive software, applications, scripts,  musics, movies, films, songs, games etc, are uploaded with free full download access with out having to pay ThePirateBay function, plays and serves the same purpose as UTorrent and BitTorrent, Just that Bit and U torrent have their own file download manager software and […]

Read More... Buys For 21 Billion Naira (£87M)

Earlier today on BBC news, I found out in a post where somebody sold a site he started the year 2003 for Eighty Seven Million Pounds (21 Billion Naira) High-profile personal finance commentator and campaigner Martin Lewis has sold his website for up to £87m to which runs an online price comparison service. […]