MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads Using BIS Plans With Improved Freegate Dynaweb Proxy Software

Welcome, today i am going to show you the exact step-by-step tutorial guide “mtn cheats” i have been using in browsing the internet absolute free using my mtn simcard, mtn blackbaerry plan and free gate dynaweb software.


Just Imagine this 2.04 Mbps speeds experienced last night while rocking the MTN-freegate-blackberry free browsing trick. You can also see that i have used over 7 Gigs of internet data bandwidth in the past 27 days

Things You Will Need For The Mtn Free Browsing Cheats
1. MTN internet provisioned sim
2. Any 3G Usb or Universal modems
3. Freegate free browsing Proxy Software
4. And of course your PC

Steps For Setting The MTN Free Browsing Tricks & Codes
Step 1:
Ensure your MTN line is internet-service configured, you can learn how to provison your sim here or call 180

Step 2:
Set-up and configure your 3G usb modems as follows
Profile Name: MEDIATECHBLOG or Anything
Access Point (APN):

In Authentication Settings, insert the following settings

Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

See Screenshot Image for help


Like I have always said, there is no need for any DNS settings, I don’t use it and I have always experience the fastest and best mtn INTERNET connection speed ever

Step: 3
Subscribe your simcard for any of the mtn BlackBerry data plan. I have been using the MTN (BBC) BIS Complete monthly data plan for the past 4 months now. All need do is to insert my mtn simcard into my blackberry phone and sms BBC to 21600. I dont need to wait till i get a confirmation message from mtn before i start crusing the internet.

All I need to check is if my account balance has been debited 1500 naira, if yes, I remove my simcard and insert it into my modem sim tray, and starts rocking the internet on the go

How To TroubleShoot MTN BIS Subscription Issues

If after loading the 1500, and you are getting insufficient balance messages, check your account again, they would have removed 1 – 5 naira, so load N100 extra to avoid the daunting hassle – MTN will always suck, no matter how hard they try

you can check out for a complete monthly, weekly and daily plan of mtn BIS

Download and install Freegate free browsing software from here

Its automatic, just follow the command prompt and install

Configure your browser and applications and start browsing free with unlimited data plan download. You will need to manually configure Moxilla Firefox, Google chrome and Opera will automatically detect Internet explorer settings

Proxy (IP) or localhost
Port Number: 8580

Latest Glo Free Browsing Cheat For PC With Unlimited Data Downloads Using BlackBerry Plan With Freegate Dynaweb Proxy Software

Welcome on board to the newest glo free browsing tricks and settings codes on PC using the ultimate crazy free gate internet anti-censorship dynaweb proxy software. One remarkable attribute of this “Globacom-BlackBerry-Freegate” free browsing is its speeds, unlimited data downloads and IP global accessibility.

The ony site you can access with this free browsing technique are porn sites. Freegate will always show a US IP most times when accessing sites like, and other wicked secret internet chambers where smart IM gurus meet with my usual IP, i get flagged and bounced back, but with this free gate proxy browsing i am safe and free to access the internet by browsing behind proxy.

Enough of all those explanations, lets hit the nail on the head and hit the ground running. Yesterday I shared with you how to use the same free browsing techniques on Etisalat ng

Things You Will Need to Browse The Internet Free With GLO BlackBerry Plan

1. Glo internet enabled sim card (BIS activated)
2. Glo 3G Usb Internet Modems or any operator modems
3. Free Gate Dynaweb anti-censorship proxy software
4. PC and BlackBerry phone to activate the Glo BIS subscription

Steps to Follow For The Glo Free Browsing Cheats
Step 1:
Ensure your glo line has been provisioned and configured for glo internet service, you can visit or call glo customer care line on 121 to activate your sim

Step 2:
Configure your 3g internet modem as follows
Profile Name: Anything e.g GLO BLACKBERRY CHEATS
Access Point: (APN)
Under Authentication settings, put the following settings

Access Number: *99#
Username and Password: leave the spaces blank or use flat, flat or gprs, gprs or wap, wap its optional

See Secreenshot Image below for guide


Like i said yesterday, the DNS Settings are optional, so we are not going to use that now

Step 3:
Subscribe your glo simcard for any of the Glo BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) data plan. I prefer using the Glo Complete Blackberry data plan activation that lasts for a duration of one month (N1400). You can opt and subscribe for any of there BIS complete monthly, weekly or daily plan

For list of Globacom BlackBerry Subscription Plans, Packages and Activation Code, Please goto or for BIS Complete goto

to subscribe for any of its BlackBerry packages, simply send in sms with short code of your desired package to 777

For Glo BlackBerry Complete Monthly Plan Sms SoMonth to 777
For Glo BlackBerry Complete Weekly Plan Sms SoWeek to 777
For Glo BlackBerry Complete Daily Plan Sms SoDaily to 777

Step 4:
Download and install the Free Gate dynaweb software from this freegare free download link

Just follow the prompt “Click Next” command instruction to  install after download, its does not require any manual configuration

See Screenshot Image below for guide

Thats my PC rocking GLO Blackberry data on free gate with the four complete Servers. You can see screen shot below in the speed of this internet connection while playing “Wande Coal Private Trips” Video on YouTube without any streaming breakage. This is gonna afford you unlimited internet browsing, bandwidth and downloads trust me


How to Set-up Your Browsers and Applications
You need to configure the browser of your choice for localhost proxy. How do you configure your web browser for local host proxy? just input this proxy settings

IP: or localhost
Port: 8580

See Screenshot Image below for help


This is what you are going to do if your applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, TeamViwer etc will not work with automatic proxy detection. You could see how  I have configured my Opera browser from the image above

Happy Free Glo browsing cheats on PC. Together to use the share button to spread the knowledge with your friends and love ones.

Lets me know if this work great for you like it did for me at my end

Etisalat PC Free Browsing Codes and Tricks For Unlimited Data Download Using Etisalat BlackBerry Plan With Freegate Software

Its exactly 3 months now that i have personally been using the latest BlackBerry and Nigeria network operators free browsing cheat codes. Though i use paid browsing plan more often than not, but i am going to show you in this post how to browse the internet free of charge using Etisalat sim card and any of its internet blackberry subscription plan or packages.

Things you will need to enjoy Etisalat PC free browsing cheat
1. Etisalat internet serviced enabled and configured sim card with BIS
2. Internet Modem be it 3G Usb Internet modem or Mobile Phone
3. Freegate Dynaweb Tunneling software professional Edition
4. PC

Steps For Configuring Your PC to Browse Free With Etisalat Sim
Step 1:
Ensure your etisalat sim card has been provisioned and configured for internet services, if it has not been set up for internet service, you can provision and configure yours here

Step 2:
You can use any internet modem be it mobile phone or broadband internet 3g usb modems and use the following settings below to configure and set your modem. Note any universal modem can be used, you can unlock your glo or mtn or airtel or etisalat modem and make it universal. You can learn more about how to unlock all type of usb modems here

From your usb modem user interface, Click on Tools, Then Options and select Profile Management click on new to create an etisalat usb modem internet connection access point as follows

Profile Name: Anything e.g Etisalat BIS Cheat
Access Point (APN):
Under Authentication settings, input the following

Access Number: *99#
Username and Password: Leave the spaces blank

See screenshot Image below for help and guide


Please this “Advanced Settings” below is optional, click on Advanced… tab
and configure Etisalat DNS settings as follows

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

See screenshot image below for help


Please note that the DNS settings is optional, in fact its makes no big deal and difference.

step 3:
After successful settings input as described above, kindly subscribe your etisalat sim card for any of its blackberry plan and packages, i normally use any of the monthly package plan, this is where the trick lies. With any of etisalat Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) you will be on the go to browse on your PC free with unlimited data downloads

BlackBerry complete Plan, Blackberry Internet Service plan or BlackBerry Enterprise Service Plan
For a complete detailed list of Etisalat ng BlackBerry Subcription Plans, Packages and Activation Code, Please visit

How to Subscribe and Activate Etisalat BlackBerry Internet Service
Etisalat Blackberry plans ranges from Monthly plan to weekly plan and lastly to daily plan. You can opt for the BlackBerry Social Plan, to subscribe for any of its BlackBerry packages, simply send in sms with short code of your desired package to 399

For BlackBerry Social Plan SMS SOM to 399
For BlackBerry Complete Plan SMS COM to 399
For Basic Plan sms B99 to 399
For BlackBerry Enterprise Plan SMS SOW to 399

Please before opting for any of its plan be it daily, weekly or monthly, make sure you check and compare their pricing plan here

Step 4:
Download and install the latest version of freegate dynaweb tunneling software from this freegate full free download link The latest version is “Freegate 7.29 Professional Edition”

After successful download of freegate software from the download link above double click on the .exe file and install. Freegate is an automatic configuration tunneling software that requires no settings.

Please see screenshot image below for help


After successful installation, launch it from your desktop and wait some seconds, its will auto detect etisalat and server and tunnel them. once freegate is connected, its shows for servers with graphs, SERVER A, SERVER B, SERVER C and SERVER D calibrating them in percentage e.g 95%, 98%, 99%, 94% respectively

Configuring your Web Browser and Applications
To start enjoying this freegate unlimited PC free browsing trick and settings you will need to configure your browser or applications like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Orbit download Accelerator, Internet Download Manager with this local host settings

IP: or Localhost
Port: 8580

Please see image below for help and guide


you may not need need to configure your apps manually for local host settings if you have the latest version of yahoo messenger and Skype

Lets me know with your comment below if these settings work for you, These is all you need to know about Etisalat-Freegate PC browsing trick and cheat using Etisalat BlackBerry Internet Service, its rather a long detailed and a concise post, please dont forget to share the knowledge with friends and love ones

Happy PC free browsing, please use these settings while it last

How to Buy Good HP Printer with a Discount Directly From HP

Buying cheaper HP printer isnt an easy task, unless, you have basic knowledge about dealing with several HP printer dealers out there. Saving money while buying electronic goods is one of the best ways to avoid spending much while getting less value products at the end. The way it is becoming hard to make money has helped many people to learn new methods of managing money, and one of those methods is by cutting cost on how much they spends on things.

This have been a perfect solution to unnecessary spending – when you cut your costs and know what exactly you wanted to buy and where you wants to buy those goods, you will know exactly the amount of money you are going to spend on them. That is why the rate of people going into debt is on the decline because everything is changing every day and every individual too are embracing those changes – nobody wants to remain in debts for longer time.

So, if your printer is out of date or you just want to change your printer to a new one because of the present condition, or you just want to have new printer experience, then this article is purposely written to help you cut cost and save more money on your next printer purchase.


If you want to buy your next printer, which brand are you gonna buy? Is going to be HP or other brands out there? I guess you said, HP printer, right? If yes, that means you are the one who should be reading this article.

HP is known worldwide as a world-class printer manufacturer with quality products being introduced into the market on regular basis. Apart from being the best of the best in the production of high quality printers, HP is also known as a company which engages in production of other electronic gadgets such as computers and smart PC’s – so the company is a trusted company in the technology field.

How could I buy HP printers at discount?

I hope you asked that? If yes, that means you should follow the steps mentioned below to be able to buy your next HP printer at a cheaper price. Please note that these steps are tested method to help you buy HP printer at cheaper rate.

Search for HP discount blogs

One of the best techniques to help you get cheaper discounted hp printer deals is by searching for blogs or websites that offers latest and cheapest discount deals out there. You should know where exactly you can find the best of deals that is available around your area.

Lookout and subscribe to discount blog’s email list

There are many blogs and websites out there that offer HP discount promo deals. And what you need to do is to subscribe to their email list for getting updates whenever they have new printer deals available in your area. Getting news tips on latest coupon offer in your area inside your email is a nice way to stay up to date and also save money for some other things afterward.

Become friendly with Google search for latest updates on Printer deals

If you are an internet literate, it is very certain that you must know how to search for latest coupon and discount deals on printers anywhere throughout the world with Google search.

Google is the number one search engine provider on the internet and you can use this medium to get updates on where there are offers you can use to get cheaper printers.

HP printer is a good and perfectly working printer worldwide with sturdy and rugged design which makes it easier for the person using it. You should afford yourself of getting one HP printer today and start printing with ease without spending much. Did I say you can also get discount on your HP printer’s Ink? When you buy your next HP printer, kindly ask for discount on HP Ink as well.

This is a guest post by Olawale Daniel from, a blog on technology news  blog where he shares gadget news and best free android apps for all android users.


3 Basic Steps to Increase Your Traffic Almost Overnight

There is nothing a website can achieve without good traffic coming from every angle of the world. A website without any traffic will just be like a figure head with nothing to show for all the contents and information that were being posted there all the time by its owner.

Over the years, traffic has been a thing many people are looking out for in order for them to achieve a lot as a blogger or online marketer. And that is why many are becoming successful because they are able to get the result of their hard works all because they work very hard.

On daily basis, there are new tricks and techniques that bloggers can use to increase and improve their blog’s performance in terms of getting traffic from search engines and many other traffic generations means available online. And that is why I’m writing this post to show you some of the basic things that needed to be done if you want to increase your traffic and why you should follow my guide.

Traffic is easy to get for the smart guys out there but difficult for the big boys in the industry that has much on them to spend for getting it.


Traffic Only Come when You Have What It Takes

You can’t get what you want when you are not yet ready to fight for it. Traffic is not something you can just wish for yourself and start to come, there are things that needed to be put in place before it can come to pass and that is why getting ready to get more traffic is a must for you.

Search Engine Traffic Should Be Your Priority (You must be SEO Focused)

I think you believe that traffic has levels? There are many techniques of getting different kinds of traffic that may not even help you on the long run. That is why you have to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques if you want to go ahead in blogging.

There are many ways you can get traffic but finding the right way is the perfect solution for you in getting good result from your blogging efforts.

Getting good traffic from Google is the perfect thing that could assure good future for your blog than couples of traffic from article submission sites and others out there.

Article submission does works for some group of bloggers but it doesn’t work that way anymore as there are new techniques and focus for bloggers in getting traffic to their websites and blogs.

You need to change your approach and focus on what works and not what you think works. Guest posting and blog commenting has been working for people over the years in getting good traffic to their respective blogs and I don’t see any reason why you won’t make use of such techniques in driving traffic to your website as well.

On my blog, the article I wrote about best free android apps and best android games guidelines was promoted virally with the use of guest posting and social sharing. Nothing more than that and there is result after all and you can do likewise.

And also, another thing that could cause you from getting traffic is when you forget to do what is right at the right time, forgetting to do your search engine optimization at the right time could lead you to getting less than what you are expecting to get from search engine pages.

Suggested Readings: OFF Page Optimization

You must do all you’re required to in order to increase your traffic and also make sure4 that you dedicate a particular time to working hard for your blog in getting good traffic and with that, you can be sure of getting good result both from search engine  and from social networks.

You must remember that SEO is a must for your blog to grow better and no stone must be left unturned.

Good Contents Makes the Difference

This supposes to be the first chapter in this article because it covers all you need to know about getting traffic. People will never ever come to your blog if you don’t have fresh and regular contents on it. That is why it is imperative for you to always write new and regular contents on your blog for getting traffic from search pages.

Olawale Daniel is currently an adviser for Techndustries; where he teaches them about the basic of SEO and Technology related issues. His current project is where he shares gadgets news. You can hook him up on Facebook and Twitter via @coolcash4live

Need For Speed Most Wanted Full Version Download With Cheat Codes

Here is the all time need for speed most wanted PC game for ps2 with cheats. As you may know by now, Need For Speed Most Wanted PC Game is an awesome racing video game.


Need For Speed Most Wanted Ps2 PC Game Download Link

Download the game from Here 1. ThePirateBay (Xbox360, PC, PSx or Android Games Download mirrors), or direct from Here unpack it from the .rar file Just extract the folder and run NFS2SEN.EXE

NEW and Most Wanted Version (NFS)

Need for Speed Most Wanted v1 3 incl Ultimate Speed Pack (400 MB) with

The download link has so many and varying mirrors from the link above. Carefully select from your choice

You are strongly advice to read the installation note inside, then install and enjoy

Nokia E7 Revolutionary Phone Review and Release Date – Best Nokia Symbian Mobile Computer Phone

My cool Nokia E7 Specifications and reviews. With the launch of the latest Symbian^ operating system, Nokia announced few mobile phones which run on this excellent OS. The mobiles were Nokia E7, C6-01, Nokia N8, etc. Nokia E7 is one of them having a large number of features in the mobile industry. The Nokia E7 is not a mobile phone, it is a computer. The E7 runs on the Symbian^3 OS and is upgradable to Anna OS, the in Symbian^3 OS. It was believed that Nokia E7 would run on Meego OS, but this is not true. May be, Nokia is working hard to make the Meego No.1 OS. Here are the features of the Latest Nokia E7.

new nokia E7 specification image

Design and Screen:

The Nokia E7 comes in stylish design with slightly curved corners. The Nokia E7 has AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. With these features, you will be able to experience the best visibility even in the sun-rays as well as with great touch response with. The Screen resolution is 360×640 spread on the 4.0 inch screen. This makes screen look more sharp than before and you can see even a hair in the picture of a man. If you are not familiar with touchscreen, then you use the QWERTY keyboard to use the features of this mobile. With the latest ClearBlack technology in this mobile, you can see your mobile screen much brilliant and vibrant. The Multi touch input method allows you to use your touchscreen with two fingers, gestures made by both fingers will be considered. Gorilla Glass display is a new technology by Nokia which has been used in rare mobiles, such as Nokia E7. Gorilla Glass Technology prevents the scratch on your mobile screen and lets you feel clutter-free look on your mobile.

Connectivity Made Much Better:

In older mobiles, there were only few connectivity options available, such as Bluetooth. But the Nokia E7 has loaded with lots of connectivity features so you won’t feel alone even when you are away from your home. The connectivity features include WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, HSDPA 10.2Mbps; HSUPA 2Mbps, microUSB 2.0 with USB-on-the go support. The USB on the go support lets you connect your USB device to the mobile, such as USB Pen Drive. The mobile also supports GPRS, EDGE to keep you connected even in the places where 3G is not available.

Storage That Is Ready to Store your Lifelong Story:

The Nokia E7 comes with a biggest inbuilt memory to save the valuable moments of your life and you will never feel the out of memory error. The inbuilt memory is 16 GB (most of the persons can’t exceed this).

Camera Can See The Louse on your Head:

This seems like a joke, but it isn’t. With the 8 MP camera, your E7 can look things much better than any other mobile. The 8MP camera can capture with resolution up to 3264×2448 which gives you the HD quality pictures. Geo-tagging feature allows you to tag your pictures by its geographical location. The Face detection feature detects your face and focuses on it. Alongside the 8MP Camera, it can capture 720p (HD) quality videos with 25 fps, makes your mobile a film shooting camera. The Secondary camera lets you make video calls, the VGA quality is enough for this purpose.

Along with all these features, it contains thousands of hundred features to make you never feel boring. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this amazing mobile in the comments below !

How Google Pagerank Updates Works and Why Google Love High Quality Backlinks

Google Pagerank Panda Updates and Black Hat Seo Backlinks  – Things to avoid

Many websites are still recovering from the shock brought about by the last mass Google Pand Farm updates 2.0  especially sites that are into black hat search engine optimization.

building backlinks for your websites is number one factor for your site SERP (white hat backlinks). If you are still  building backlinks with black hat seo softwares like Xrumer, Magic submitter, Scrape Box and lots more except you are only targeting your money making mini sites in short term profits i advice you think out of the box.

One of the main factors that makes Google update to give Pagerank to your site(s) include

1. Backlinks (Quality Backlinks from trusted authority sites)
2. Contents (Quality and Unique contents is king)
3. Domain age and usefulness of your sites to its visitors

Pagerank simply means your site popularity and usefulness in the eye of Google. Some seo gurus have argued that its no longer a big time factor in Google seo algorithms, some simply say building backlinks from sites with pagerank of 1- 4 is not also a big deal except the links is built from sites with pagerank of 5 -10. Whatever the seo arguments might be, backlinks still plays role in getting pagerank.

google seo panda updates

When Does Google Do Pagerank Updates? When Is The Next Google Pagerank Update?

Well no body knows the exact time Google does their Pagerank updates. No one knows the exact date, Some Seo gurus says  typically it occurs within every 90-days or every 3 months. so it is crazy to predict when the Google carry out their
next pagerank updates

Google also have what is called mini updates that do take place in between their major Farm updates that are meant
to sanitize the mess in links and backlinks (spamming) on  the internet by desperate seo gurus.

I would expect more sites getting knocked off their pedestal.  Specially a lot of black hat tricked ones. Also from what I know – they are working on a way to know which backlinks are only for Search Engine purposes and serve no other good -and to ignore these.

Also expect a lot less importance or even nil given to Twitter and Facebook links. Some more Social sites may also be involved.Maybe its time to one’s act together and stop the gaming.

My advice is, instead of building black hat backlinks why not spare some time to build clean white hat backlinks. Look at it
as a correction thats long overdue, Though its fast and quick  backlinks building form, there are no real short cuts in life.

I would also suggest that everyone sticks with only doing  articles. Thats one thing that Google is always going to love as
you would be feeding their every hungry bots when its crawls and indexes web pages.