Reasons Why Facebook, Wikipedia and Dozens Of Popular Sites Were Shut Down For A 24 Hour Blackouts?

Why? simple most popular websites with voices are going on strike because of SOPA and PIPA. I observed earlier today that dozens of popular sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit, Namecheap and lots more take their site down for about 24 hour (a day). The reasons are not far fetched as they are all synergically trying to the dastardly internet censoreship act the congress is trying to cripple the smooth activities of the internet.

You might have heard of the latest internet abuse policy bill the house of congress (Senate and Representative) are currently passing, its wicked and its stand to poise more risk and abuse on the internet than aclaimed good.

What is the meaning of SOPA? SOPA simply means Stop Online Piracy Act
While the meaning of PIPA is Protect Internet IP Act.


In the congress, the house of representative is currently promoting the SOPA policy bill that would ensure its signed into law while the Senate is promoting the PIPA (Protect Internet IP Act)

Since most popular sites which was the reason why facebook ws shut down has almost unanimously kicked against this acts with SOPA backouts and darkness, at least 10 senators are beginning to withdraw their support

PIPA support is also collapsing as more and nore senators are also opposing. Experts are saying that to control and regulate the excessive abuse, piracy should be controlled and not SOPA and PIPA bill passage. Lets just pray that this acts don’y see the light of the day.

Google and Moxilla Firefox are also using custom censore logos to stop the SOPA and PIPA bill


To Save the Internet, SOPA and PIPA must go, please so no to PIPA and SOPA as they would take us (the internet) to dark ages

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