Free Premium Vectors Stock Happy New Year 2012 Images and Graphics Collections Free Download

Just as yearly routine by many people that use graphical images for happy new to remind themselves of some symbolic new resolutions. I painstakinly made available lists of free premium high quality vector stocks graphics and images that can be use instantly after successful download from the filesonic and filejungle download links below


Like i said earlier the free premium high classs vector happy new images 2012 that are collectively available for download in this blog is very easy to use.

Download Here

How To Browse Free On PC Using Your-Freedom Software With GLO Mobile Free Working Browsing Cheats and Settings

Free browsing on PC with Your Freedom client software is a censore-free PC bbrowsing thing that that has been around for quite some number of years now. In this free browsing tutorial guide, I am going to show you how to configure your PC and your freedom free browsing softtware using Glo Mobile network carrier.

All you need to do is follow the pictorial screenshots guide below so that you can configure yours(YF client and GLO Modem and Sim Card) like the way i did mine.

freedom servers

To enjoy this recently working YF and GLO PC free browsing settings, you need to have a your-freedom client software installed on your computer and also a USB modem or Mobile phone with PC suite installed e.g Nokia 5300 with nokia suite, incase you can not afford a 3G usb modem which is relatively cheap this days.

Firstly, Install the latest version of your freedom client software on your PC. You can get the latest version of YF client and download from (12.95MB) OR (2.03MB) for those that prefer to install the smaller file-size but requires Java Runtime to work

After successful download, lauch and run the freedom client softare excution file and install. After successful installation, follow these next steps outlined below

How to Setup and Configure Your-Freedom Client To Browse Free on A Network Operator e.g GLO Mobile NG (PC Free Browsing Cheats Setting)

To Configure and setup your-freedom client, Just lauch the already installed YF icon from your desktop. Click on Configure tab, Under Server connection, use the image screen shot below to input the various settings as required


Please dont forget to fill in your username and password under the account information and details tab. You can get a free user account when you sign up with you may want to upgrade to premium so as to afford yourself unlimited freedom surfing bandwidth by paying a subcription fee at their site

server port settings


After successful setting and configuration of your freedom software, just simply save and exit, dont connect yet go and configure your usb modem internet connection settings and web browsers first

How to Configure Glo Sim to Browse Free on Your Freedom software
This settings is very easy and straight forward. All you need so is lauch your usb modem e.g Glo 3G usb modem. Thereafter click on Tools, Follow by Options then select Profile management.

The recently working glo free browsing Access Point (APN) cheat is glosecure, glosecure and glogwap started working immediately glomms was blocked.

You can leave username and password to be blank, as for the Access Point number use *99# Click Ok and Save

How To Configure Moxilla Firefox Browser With Your Freedom(YF) Browsing Cheats
After successful configuration of your freedom software and your glo 3G internet settings, you will need to configure your web browser e.g Moxilla Firefox so that the free browsing changes can take effect. You need to configure moxilla for localhost internet configuration like this

select Options, then Advanced, then Network follow by Settings. Under the moxilla internet connection settings, configure the proxies to access the internet by Selecting or Ticking Manual Proxy Configuration then input or localhost and Port 8080
into each of the tabs highlighted and click OK to save


With this you are good to browsing free on your PC using your-freedom client software with Glo Ng free browsing cheat settings. Please lets us know what you think about this free browsing cheats and settings code, use the comment below to share your opinion

Free FastStone Image and Screen Capturing Software With Free Username and Registration Number

Simply ask me the best and most flexible software for snapping and taking screen shots from your computer, i would say its faststone capture. That is what i use in recording my screen images and photos

Its was recommended to me by one of my co internet marketing friend, ever sice i started using the faststone image capture, viewer, photo resizing and editing software no regrets whatsoever.

infact all the captured images and photo of all my sites were taken with faststone capture. With faststone capture you can write on images and photo, you can even convert images to pdf and send as an attached file or email.

This screen shot and images capturing software is simple awesome. You could see from the image below what this software can do

screen capture free download

Download the latest version of FastStone Capture from here 

and use this all time working registration number and username.


Modem Imei Number Checker – How to Find and Get Huawei and Zte 3G Usb Modems Imei Number

Here is a simple tutorial steps on how to check your huawei and 3G usb modems imei number(s). You may want to unlock your 3G usb modems only for you to find out that the imei number engraved on the body of the modem has cleaned off.

Or because you can no longer have access to the cartoon wrapper of the modem. From my own experience frequent handling and usage of your modem can get the write ups on the body of the modem cleaned of.

You need to get get your modem imei number for many things such as any of the following

1. To flash the modem to generate the flash code.

2. To generate the unlock codes so as to make your modem universal by being able to accept other network operator simcards

Searching to locate your zte and huawei imei number is easy. Just follow these simple steps on how i was able to locate the imei number of my GLO usb modem.

Though my modem is made by GLO, but its my MTN simcard that i am currently using to browse on it, because it has been unlocked to accept to accept other simcards.

To Check, find and get your 3 G usb modem imei number, do the following

Step 1: Plug in your USB modem to your PC usb port and wait for its to initial detecting and registering a network.

Step 2: Click on Tools icon on the top of the modem user gracfice interface

Step 3: click on Diagnostics, the first tab to appear is the Device tab, from here you will find the following details

Device name or Model
Application Port
Serial Number of the modem
IMEI number of your modem
Hardware Version of your modem
Firmware version of your usb modem

Here is a Pictorial diagram on how I found my modem imei number

find modem imei number

You can simply note and write down your modem imei number and do what ever you wanna do with it.

Like i  before, checking to detect your modem imei number is easy by following the simple steps above. Please use the comment to share with us if yours is quite different from mine.

Post updated 17th, July 2013.