Tricks For Saving Tabs In Firefox 4 Latest Web Browser

I can’t save tabs on firefox 4 browser? Discover the tricks on how you can use hack secrets on how to enable Save Tabs on Firefox 4 new browser.

After upgrading to the new moxilla Firefox 4 web browser i started having difficulties saving tabs in firefox. One of the feature settings which is missing in Firefox 4 is prompts to save the tabs on exit, right now it only shows the warning that you are about to close the tabs.

I am going to show you below how i was able to save moxilla firefox tabs on exit of my browser.

how to save tabs in Moxilla Firefox

But if you want the option to save the tabs before you quit, you can enable it with a simple hack. Open a new tab and type about:config. Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button and in the filter bar type browser.showQuitWarning and hit enter.

new firefox 4 save tabs

You can see that the current value of this is false. Double click on it to change the value from false to true, or right click on it and select Toggle. Once you enable this feature, you can see that Moxilla Firefox 4 will asks you to save the tabs when you quit.

how to save tab on firefox 4 browser

Once enabled you can save the tabs before you quit so that you can have your tabs and data back when you open it again.

This is the simple trick and hack on how to save multiple tabs on Firefox 4 when quiting the browser.

How to Transfer a WordPress Website On Flippa To A Buyer (UPDATED)

Once you have created and sold a site site on Flippa (and if you do this properly, 95% or more of your sites will sell the first time, and the others will usually sell upon re-listing or marketing directly to your list), it’s time to transfer it to the new owner. Don’t get scared, though! This isn’t as difficult as you may believe. And, there are several different ways to do it. I’m going to walk you through each one, plus the domain transfer, which is different than transferring the website.

Having problems and troubles listing your website on Flippa sites auctioning market place? Read How to sell and Buy websites on

Please this A – Z detailed guide on how to transfer and hand over a site to the owner on Flippa is long and its completes everything you need to know to make an already created site transfer.

3 Ways to Transfer a WordPress Website To a Buyer on Flippa?

1. The Easiest Way To Transfer A Site On Flippa –

If you have re-seller hosting, you’re going to be loving life when it comes to time to transfer a WordPress site. If the buyer chooses to host with you,

You may then decide to give the buyer as purchase bonus and concession free web hosting for months or a year if the websites does not suck too much of your hosting resources – This flippa website selling strategy is important and effective for two reasons

a. This applies to one of the secret of establishing long term relationship on flippa

b. and also by over delivering to get buyer better perceptive value for his/her money. Please don’t offer too much on websites or any other web properties over deliverability if it is not what you can easily afford to lose.

Not every buyer will want to host with you, even if you offer free hosting, but plenty of them will want to host with you. If you have re-seller hosting, your job is already done, except for pushing the domain.

When you set up a website on re-seller hosting, you’re giving it its own Cpanel with its own name servers and its own log-in information. Once your buyer pays you, all you have to do is send him or her the log-in information for the site’s
Cpanel, the login information for the WordPress admin panel (that‘s the log-in information you created when you installed WordPress using Fantastico), push the domain name to the buyer, and you’re done! Easy as it can be right?

2. The Second Easiest Way To Transfer A Website On Flippa

Outsource it! If the buyer wants the website moved to his or her own host and you really don’t think you can do it yourself (or simply don’t want to), then outsource it. You can get a WordPress website moved for around $20 to $25 tops at most of the big freelance sites like,,, and

You can also find people to do it in the Warriors for Hire section of the Warrior Forum, and sometimes even on (where you’ll only pay $5 to have the site moved). Just be sure you mention in your auction listing that there is an additional charge if the buyer wants the site moved to his or her own host, and state what that charge will be (usually equivalent to what your outsourcer charges).

3. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Way To Transfer A Website On Flippa

This one is a bit more complicated, but it isn’t that hard. There are plenty of free YouTube videos out there explaining how to move a WordPress site yourself, and you should definitely look at them, but I’ll give you a rundown of what to do here. First, go into the site’s Cpanel and click on the File Manager to get into the files of the site

Click on the Content folder to get to the plugins and themes and such. In the content folder, you should see five
additional folders: plugins, themes, index, upgrades, and uploads. At the top of the screen, on the right-hand side (if you’re using Host Gator), there will be icons for extracting and compressing files.

transfer sites

Click on the Plugins folder, then click Compress. This will create a zipped version of the Plugins folder. Do the same thing in turn with each of the other folders in the content folder, until all five are compressed. Then, one at a time, click on the compressed folders and go up to the top of the page and click the Download icon. This lets you download the compressed folders to wherever you want. I always download them to my desktop for easy reference.

Once you’ve downloaded the compressed plugins, themes, index, upgrades, and uploads folders to your desktop, you can log out of Cpanel. Then, go and log into the admin panel of the WordPress site and click on the Tools tab on the left site of the page. You’ll see an option that says Export. Click that

It will create a .xml file of all the content (posts, pages, categories, everything) on your site. Download the exported .xml file to your desktop. Now, open up a Word document.

Go back to the Admin panel and click on Settings. Copy all of the custom wording, codes, and other features you’ve put into all of the settings and plugins and paste them one by one into your Word document. If you’ve made any special code changes to any of the site’s .php files, go into the Appearance tab, click Editor, then click the appropriate .php file and copy and paste that information to your Word document, too.

Do the same thing with any special code you may have put in the widgets section of the Appearance tab. Save the Word document to your desktop. At this point, you want to go ahead and push the domain to the buyer.

I’ll explain how to do that in a moment. When you push the domain to the buyer, ask him or her to change the nameservers on the domain (when they accept it) to point to their host, and to let you know when this has been done.

You may have to wait a couple of hours after the nameservers have been changed before you can upload the site to the buyer’s host, because it may take a while for the host to recognize the nameserver change. But sometimes it happens immediately, so just keep checking until things are ready.

Once you’re ready to install the site, log into your buyer’s Cpanel (he or she should have given you the login information). Click the Add On Domain icon and add in the domain for the website.

How to Use Naira Visa Cards to Make Payment

How to Use Zenith Bank Naira Visa Cards to Pay Online; Just like i posted in the preceeding post simple ways on how to use Naira Debit Mastercard atm cards to pay online in Nigeria.

Just like Gtbank plc Naira Debit Mastercard, the Zenith Bank Naira visa card works the same way. Just that it is visa enabled. Though the zenith bank naira visa card is new, most people are not too fully aware of it.

Features Of The Visa Naira Prepaid Card
According to zenith bank to the information i gathered from zenith bank, below are the features the vnaira visa card that makes zenith atm cards stand out.

1. Visa Naira Prepaid Card denominated in Naira for local transactions.
2. Chip and PIN enabled EMV card.
3. Reloadable card with 4 years validity.
4. Personalized and Non-personalized (Buxz) cards available.
5. Accepted locally for purchase at shops, ATM cash withdrawal as well as for Internet transactions wherever Visa accepted in Nigeria.
6. iPIN enabled as added security for online transaction on Verified by Visa (VbyV) participating websites.
7. Online access to transaction history via Internet Banking.
8. No settlement required as cardholder spends only prefunded amount available in card account.
9. SMS notification for all transactions carried out.
10. 24 Hours customer service support

Benefits Of Zenith Bank Naira Visa Card:
1. The card provides an efficient and convenient means of payment.
2. Reduced cash handling risk
3. No credit checks, no collateral required, no Settlement, no Interest charges.
4. Additional security for online transactions provided by VbyV iPIN.

Fees and Charges Of Naira Visacard Account Management:

Issuance Fee N500
Annual Fee N500
Replacement Fee N500
PIN Re-Issue Fee N100
Re-load/Transfer Fees N20

For further enquiries on any of our ebusiness services please visit zenith bank official webste:

I have written a complete detailed series on how to use credit cards and debit cards be it visa cards and mastercard to make payment online in Nigeria. Click here to read more

Top 3 Best All-in-One Social Bookmarking and Submission Services

Social Bookmarking sites spreads your content across the Internet by making it easier for your website’s visitors to share it with other people. I’ve already discussed the effectiveness of social bookmarking widgets and importance of embedding social bookmarking widgets in your blog. especially Nigerian and Ghanian Bloggers that have struggled to get their newly created blog or site indexed and ranked on search engines.

No doubt, those social bookmarking sites are the only source to spread your words and drive readers to your blog. But as there are hundreds of social bookmarking services out there, it is now a very time consuming job if you start submitting your newly published articles to each of those bookmarking sites manually.

But if you don’t know about all-in-one social bookmarking services, then let me tell you there are many of them that submit your articles to hundreds of popular social bookmarking sites in one click. But here are the top 3 options according to me, if you want to automate the process of submission:

1. Onlywire is the fastest way to submit your articles to top 33 social bookmarking sites at once. Its not just a site, Its a tool and an addon for your browser. To start the process, all you have to do is to:
– Sign up, which is absolutely FREE

– Set your favorite bookmarking sites you want to use, hence telling onlywire, your user name and passwords for all of those site – which is absolutely safe and secure!

– And just install the given code for the submission button to your blog or you may drag n drop the bookmarking button to your browser!

2. Social poster

Social allows to automatically submit your prepared tagged article with a link to target resource to a large set of social bookmarking sites. Its database contains about 160 bookmarking sites. Before submission you can select the sites that you want to submit your article, and by just one click of the button start the submission process. You can also drag and drop the submission button for your browser for quick submission.

3. Social Marker
Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website. is a free service designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website. It can help you spread a link on 49 of the best social bookmarking sites in under 15 minutes! You can get the code to embed in your site or drag the share button on your browser’s toolbar for quick access.

If you have other cool social bookmarking sites that are highly useful please share with us using the comment link below

How To Make Money Doing Survey -Top 10 Free International Online Data Entry Job Sites

Top ten free online survey sites that accept anybody across the world. Here in this post, you will find top ten (10) free survey jobs that are internationally friendly. I don’t personally like doing online surveys, i prefer blogging, affiliate marketing and CPA online business. . Just follow these top 10 free online survey sites below, Online surveys that accepts international users across the globe, its my recommendations for you if you are just getting started and want to make some easy quick money online.

For the starters online survey jobs are one of the easiest and best ways to earn money online. The most important thing about this method is that you do not need any kind of experience or technical knowledge other than basic computer skills. One thing I should make clear here,you can not make your living doing online survey jobs. At best you can earn few hundred dollars a month. If you’re looking for making a living online then try other methods. But,this is one of the easiest ways to supplement your family income or earn some cool money online.


All the sites listed here are free to join. It’s really possible to make good income of these sites. And off course they are genuine sites that pay.  Not all the sites listed are for International members. Few are only for U.S. residents. If you think you are smart, you can use a dedicated IP to participate in these free U.S based online survey sites, but please don’t spam

1. Global Test Market – For me they are the best in the business.This should be the first survey site that you sign up with.They pay up to $15 for each market research survey you complete.

2. Cash Crate –Very popular site for earning some cash in the spare time.They pay around $4 per completed survey.Apart from paid surveys you can also earn from participating in the completing offers.It has a lot of earning potential.

3. Treasure Trooper – It’s almost similar site to CashCrate.They do not pay much though,but still a must sign up.

4. Survey Savvy –It’s one of the oldest player in this industry.They are quite impressive in making payments in time.They send survey offers almost daily. Choose the ones that are high paying and interesting for you.

5. Ipsos Survey Panel – They have surveys in many topics.They don’t pay that much per survey but these surveys are short one.

6. Opinion Outpost – Another site that you should try.They give points for completing surveys.And these points can be redeemed to cash.

7. Survey Spot – It’s a cool site.Apart from getting points redeemable to cash for taking surveys you can get rewarded by prize draw entries and spot challenges.

8. Harrispollonline – This is a big survey site.You’ll get surveys in many diverse topics.They reward the members with HI points and sweepstakes.

9. TestSpin – You’ll have to survey about new products, music,videos, websites, and more.They pay up to $4 for taking a survey and $30 to join a focus group.

10. Mindfieldonline – They pay you to participate in interesting opinion research surveys.They offer direct cash reward for completing surveys.

There are many more Data Entry job sites similar to the once listed above. Many people do these survey jobs full time to make more money to settle and foot bills. For part-timers ten to twenty sites are handful. If looking for more online survey and data entry job sites online that are genuine and that truly pays, You can use any of this my favorite sites SimilarSiteSearch and to search for each of the top 10 free online survey and data entry sites.

Hope you enjoyed this post! these are the Top ten free online survey and data entry job sites that are internationally friendly. So go make some quick cash now. If you have other cool honest survey sites like the ones above, please use the comment to share with others

Careful and thorough research has been made by me to put all of these top 10 internationally friendly online survey sites and data entry jobs companies together, if you have any reason whatsoever and want me to remove any with cogent reasons, please feel free, as making the entire internet web spam-free is a collective responsibility that should not be left for the big players like Google, Bing etc. alone.

Watch Free Dstv Satellite TV Channels Live On Your PC

with the latest online/internet satellite channels viewing technology, you can now watch live quality premium Dstv channels free from your computer (PC).

There are lots of ways of watching satellite channels on your PC especially Nigerians.

1. Online Based Satellite Channels
2. Software based Satellite Channels

Most of the crappy software out there for internet television viewing sucks, they will ask you to pay a one time fee while some will give you free internet radio access and ask you to upgrade to watch premium tv internet broadcast.

From my own experience as a Nigerian Internet expert over the decades, i will recommend the online based internet television channels.


You don’t need a decoder, no monthly subscription, no monthly rental just the top six (6) best online satellite tv channels website i have personally used, click on any of the channels of your choice and watch them live ob your PC with just internet connection.


You can always search for more using this alternative sites link SimilarSites.Com

But among them all, the one i frequently used when ever i am online is from my own experience, it is the best. watch live online tv channels broadcasting on the internet. With internet television broadcast, you can watch live online tv channels broadcasting on the internet. huge collection of free live internet tv stations. over 2800 online tv channels are available available 24/7/360 round the clock

MediaTechBlog Online Channel Lists

As for those in Nigeria, you can watch the following Nigeria Satellite TV channels live from their website database. Emmanuel TV, DCLM, Loveworld internet tv channels and lots more

You watch this online tv channels in Nigeria of over 3000 quality channels free of charge with your computer and internet connection access, With no monthly rental, no decoder, installation all free.

Please note that these international internet tv channels and that of Nigeria satellite internet tv works on streaming technology. So smooth and fast online tv viewing and quality lies solely on your Computer (PC)’s configuration. So the better your computer configuration, the better the internet tv quality. Nigerians please take note.

Check them out and let me know what you think. Do you have other quality internet satellite tv channels, please share with us so that we can review them and enjoy all of these free satellite broadcast for free


How to Record and Convert skype Audio and Video Calls Using Free Premium Evaer Video Recorder Software For Skype

have you been looking for free premium easy-to-use quality audio and video recorder software for recording Skype videos? here is a great rocking Skype video recorder software – Evaer video recorder for Skype most recent version.

There are many reasons why you might need to record your Skype calls and simple software that does magic is your desired motive. With Evaer Skype video call recorder, you can record your Skype video and audio calls into AVI movies, films, audio interviews(especially by internet marketers)

free skype video recorder download

download the RAR file and unzip the folder to get the sofware and installation read me text on how to use and run the  evaer video recorder software from anywhere in your pc where the rar execution file have been saved

Click Here to Download Free Premium Evaer Skype Video call recorder

How to Detect and Fix 3G USB Modem Dial Up Internet connection Errors & Problems E.g 619, 628

Have you experienced or been experiencing these famous usb data card errors  whenever trying to establish a connection on your PC from your usb modem on your usb port?

“Error 628: The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed”
Despite the fact that most usb internet modems run on 3G to 4G platforms, they still use dial-up internet connections when authenticating to register and establish an internet connection network on you PC.

Most of the dial up internet access number runs and operates with this authentication code *99#. So long this type of network signal is of a dial up internet connection, you are bound to experience the usual “error 628 the connection was terminated” message.

Below are some of the reasons for the dial-up connection errors’ problems you could have been experiencing when trying to establish an internet connection on your PC.

Must Read Tutorial: How to Detect & Find Imei Number of Data Card 

Causes Of 628 Errors Of USB Modems Internet Connections
These are some of the peculiar problems experienced under the Network Connection prompt while it’s initializing and registering to get a stable internet connection.

The hauwei and zte usb modem error 628 problems is normally caused by network operator server downtime while others like that of At&t, T-mobile, Idea netsetter, Vodafone are usually caused by incorrect internet settings and inappropriate usage of wrong profile settings.

Below is how to fix and solve the error 628 messages being prompted by the graphical user interface of your usb modem(s).

Top 5 Dailup Internet Connection Access 628 errors Problems
1. Wrong Internet Connection Profile settings
2. Insufficient balance (Bandwidth subscription plan) on your network operator data account
3. network operator server downtime
4. Faulty or over used USB port
5. Faulty datacard (usb internet modems)

Fixing and solving the “error 628 the connection was terminated” problems is easy if you can do some basic troubleshooting of your modem and its internet connection type be it 3G(HSPDA), EDGE, GPRS, CDMA or GSM you can solve the errors

fix 628 error

Ways to Solve and Fix The “error 628 the connection was terminated” Problems
below are top 5 tips for rectifying and proffering solution to your usb modem 628 error problems.

1. Ensure you contact your network operator (internet service provider) of the accurate settings. Ensure your network operator access point, username, password, dial up access (authentication) number is correct. Like those users in my country you can call Mtn, Glo, Etisalat or Airtel customer care line or visit their websites online

2. Get and register for an active internet subscription bundle plan if you are mtn user text info to 131 or glo user text info to 127 and get various internet subscription plans and codes. This is also another way of fixing and solving the 628 internet connection errrors and problems

3. Most times your network operator connecting your PC to cyberspace might be experiencing server downtime, in this case, being that your modem is already unlocked to accept other network simcard, you can swicth to another until bug or downtime on your operator database is fixed

4. Most times usb port might be faulty, and also excessive and frequent usage of a particular usb port could also be a reason. Since most computer normally comes with a minimum of 2 – 3 and maximum of 4 – 5 usb port numbers, you can unplug the usb modem and re-plug it into another port and wait for the connection to get registered

5. Most time your usb modem or datacard could be faulty, in this case you are advice to get a new one.

Type 2 Dial Up errors “Error 619:A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed”

Causes Of #2 Dial-up Error 619 Internet Connection problems
The error 619 is peculiar with hauwei and zte 3G usb modems. The 619 error on hauwei and zte modem is caused by using a wrong internet connection settings on your usb modem.

How To Fix and Solve Error 619 Internet Connection Problems

For instance Globacom usb internet modem APN setting is gloflat, username and password is gprs respectively.

When it’s altered for MTN APN which is your modem user interface will display error 619 messages telling you that you need to adjust or correct your internet connection profile settings.

To overcome this annoying problem, always ensure you select the right internet settings profile for your corresponding network operator especially if you’re using a cracked and unlocked data card  to accept and browse with other data service sim cards

Hope this top ways of fixing dial up internet connection errors really helped. Please consider sharing this with others as lots of people are connected to the internet round the world via data card and usb modem internet service