Faces On Facebook More than Those with Travel Passports – Social Media Industry Dares Travel Industry

facebook social mediaFacebook, Twitter and Linkedin which are the pioneer and top leading social media and networking sites have helped many businesses to bounce back tremeduously. With the statics below, social media industry is almost taking the leads in in social life sphere, and social media is favourably daring and competiting with the world vacations and travel tours industry very rapidly.

 Most shocking statistic: 50% of all Americans are on Facebook (155 million) while only 37% of Americans have   a passport (115 million). Most ridiculous: The city of Las Vegas has more than 446K likes on Facebook, beating out every other city and giving new meaning to the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook

this clearly shows that more americans spend more of their time on social media sites than going on vacation travelling tours around the world. Look at the tripl social media and holiday vacation travelling tour statistics.

Social Media Industry Vs Travel Industy – How Facebook and Twitter Has Boost Blow the Social Sphere

Social media is changing the way we look at the world and is disrupting nearly every industry. Travel, the world’s largest industry, may be slow to adopt. but the it can not escape the impact of ‘Social”. Tripl is passionate about building the world’s best social media travel platform for both consumers and business. The infographic statistics diagram below illustrate tripl insights

Social Media industry, World Vacations and Travel Tours Industries Statistics Analysis By Tripl

scial media sites and travel tour statistics

Image source plus statistics analysis – tripl

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WordPress Blog Backup and Cloner plugin – Backup Creator Nulled Premium Plugin Free Download

Here is an awesome new premium wp plugin – Backup Creator Plugin for backing up, cloning and protecting your websites and WordPress blogs. The copy of Backup Creator on this site is nulled meaning it function well as the full version with working licence. If you ask me my review about this wordpress backup plugin (Backup Creator), i will simple say its the best easiest and simplest backup plugin for backing up and cloning websites and wordpress blogs

Backup creator will create an complete backup of your blog immediately. From the posts to the repository, to comments made by visitors and all of your themes and plug ins. With backup creator you can also move your blog to a new host just as effortlessly as you would write your next blog post. Their clone-it technologies lets you “clone” your total setup, and then migrate it to a new web host. All of those sophisticated features aside, this wordpress backup plugin protects your hard work. In the event anything happens, you’ll be ready with a backup in hand, and your visitors won’t even know anything happened.

backup creator and cloner image


Backup Creator  Plugin In Action – How Backup Creator Plugin Works

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to install and use the Backup creator plugin on your wp blog. Here is how i did mine.

Download the Free Premium Backup Creator plug-in from here – http://www.multiupload.com/Q3HDWP444F | 10.21KB   After downloading the plugin, login to your blog Dashboard and install the plugin and activate it. Then Click on Settings Under Main Dashboard Tabs and locate the Backup Creator Plugin Tab.

When you click on the plugin folder, you will see a message like this

Welcome to Backup Creator. You can use this tool to create a backup this site. It will give you a zip file to download, which you can then install as a plugin onto any new WordPress blog, which will restore that backup.

Welcome to Backup Creator. You can use this tool to create a backup this site. It will give you a zip file to download, which you can then install as a plugin onto any new WordPress blog, which will restore that backup.

Choose your selection below: either create a backup of this site, or choose which backup you would like to restore.

Warning: Restoring a backup will wipe ALL blog posts, settings, and data from this site and replace it with the restored backup file.

backup cloner plugin


After hitting the “Create This Site” button, another dialogue box will appear asking you to click OK to confirm your blog backup process.  its will automatically create your entire site (wordpress) back and give you a zip format download link of the already created backup site.

how to use backup creator plugin

Back Creator Installation Type
1. Automatic Restore (Recommended)
2. Manual Restore (Alternative)

When Your wordpress site files are backed up by the Backup Creator Plugin wizard, you will see this type of installation confirmation Options

1. Point & Click Restore (Recommended)
This is an automatic ways of backing up your entire wordpress site. If you would like to restore this backup onto another WordPress blog, just download the: Backup Creator Plugin

Login to the WordPress dashboard of the “new” blog where you want to restore this backup.

Go to Plugins, Add New then click the Upload tab. Upload that Backup Creator plugin, choose “Restore from URL” and the URL of THIS blog’s most recent backup is already hardcoded in

2. Manual Restore (Alternative)

You can manually restore your backup to this blog or any other WordPress blog by placing this zip file in the WordPress folder:

Then install this “backupcreator.zip” file as a plugin and choose to restore the zip file.

You can now navigate and return to the Backup Creator main page form your dashboard.

NOTE: I have deliberately use the xxxxxxx symbol for security reasons here, after following the entire above, you should be able to use the Backup Creator plugin to backup, clone and protect your blog.

If you are having difficulties and errors using the Backup Creator Plugin, shoot me an email at [email protected]

Get Paid Uploading Video Sites – How to Make Money Uploading Videos and Movies Online

These are the top 2 sites that pay you just by uploading videos and movies to their sites.

1. VideoZer.com
VideoZer is a free video hosting and sharing site just like Youtube. They pay you when you upload videos to their sites. Its free and VideoZer pays per view usually $25 per 1000 views which is great. VideoZer has a minimum payment of $20. That is if you make your first 20 USD, you will get paid

Videobb is also a great video hosting and sharing sites. You get paid up to $30 USD per 10,000 video views. Videobb also give incentive and remuneration to make you earn 25% on their referral program

These are the two get paid to upload video and movies sites i can share with you now. you can use http://similarsites.com to search for more

make money uploading movies

The more videos you upload, the more views the more money you make from these sites.

How to Find and Get Free Videos To Upload On Get Paid to Unpload Movies and Videos Sites
You can download some new movie trailer from youtube and other top video sharing and hosting sites and upload them to videoZer, Videobb etc and get paid.

You can use Windows Movie Maker (easiest free video editing software) to add effects or make some personlizations to your videos. windows movie maker  normally comes with your PC

For tutorial help on how to use Windows Movie maker to edit videos please search youtube for help.

There are some great automated black hat software and tools for inreasing video views so as to increase your earning potentials on get paid to upload video sites, i will on this in my subsequent posts.

Real Ip Hide Software Free Download – How to Hide and Block Your Ip Address

Here is free premium patched and cracked software “Real Hide Ip” for blocking and protecting your ip address thereby making you to surf anonymously.

With this free premium hide ip you can block your ip address from displaying your real ip adress especially when acessing sites that blocks your country id address.

real hide ip free download

The software works well with web browsers like Moxilla firefox, Google Chrome etc, its automatically configure itself when instaling it on your computer.

Real Hide IP | 5.03 MB in Size
Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Real Hide IP allows you to surf and browse the internet anonymously, change your IP address, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button of the software

Key Features Of Real IP Hide Software:
– Easily Conceal Your IP Address
– Anonymous Web Surfing
– Advanced Application Support
– Protect Your Identity and Stop Hackers
– Un-ban Yourself From Forums, Blogs, Etc…
– Prevent websites from tracking your online activities
– Quickly delete all Internet Explorer and FireFox cookies
– Automatically clear your cookies each time your IP changes

Real Hide Ip Free Full Patched download Links



block your ip address

Other Free Alternative to Real Ip Hide Software is Anchor Free’s Hotspot Shield Ip Hider Software

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