Is Sparkster The First 10 Million TPS NO Code Drag and Drop Blockchain Platform a Scam?

Sparkster is building the world’s fastest Decentralized Cloud for Smart software with a throughput capacity of 10 million transactions per seconds. Sparkster is a specialized blockchain designed specifically to replace cloud computing and execute tens of millions of transactions per seconds (TPS). By enabling you to build smart software without really learning how to code(codeless blockchain).

Think of it like a already built all-in-one blockchain network that solves all of the challenges that seems to be a threat to today’s blockchain. Like we already know, 1st generation of blockchain is represented by bitcoin, which has started the digital currency technology revolution in the financial world.

The second generation of blockchain technology is pioneered by Ethereum. Ethereum developed “Smart contract” (a computer protocol that is intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract without third parties  – Wikipedia).


After bitcoin legendary innovation came that of ethereum which are all gradually gaining momentum in adoption. Just like hundreds of both built from scratch, cloned or forked blockchain out there; one of the biggest factor that seems to be slowing down this new world technology from rapid scale adoption which is needed for us to see awesome growth. This issue of the current entire blockchain scalability is also known as throughput.

Here is where Sparkster technology comes into play by providing the rare solution that everyone has longing for to see in the past couple years in crypto.

You will recall that sometimes around between Oct 2017 and Jan 2018 when the cryptocurrency overall market capitalization surged to an all time high of about 800 billion dollars because of the increase in number of people trying to get on baord with blockchain related transactions and services, we had problem with transactions speeds as these were taking from  several days to weeks to process because both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks were always overloaded with just few hundreds of transactions.

The Three Main Challenges of Blockchain and How Sparkster is On Track To Solves Them Without You Having to Learn Any Blockchain Codes.

1. Security issues.
Security is formed at the core of the platform, implementing AES 256 bit encryption between every interaction and OAUTH 2.0 authorization.

2. Decentralization issues.
Software generated by Sparkster Platform is architecturally independent, meaning that software generated by Sparkster can be compatible with the architecture of the Sparkster decentralized cloud.

3. Scalabity or throughput issues.
Sparkster throughput consensus algorithm is based on SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) according to page 31 of the Sparkster Blockchain whitepaper. The Software generated with Sparkster Platform is specifically architected for high volume, distributed applications. Horizontally scalable, implementing streaming pipelines. The platform is architected to support the huge demands of IOT and AI environments.


The Solution Sparkster Is Breaking To The Crypto Space

1. Already Built Simple Cryptocurrency Smart Contract

No one has the time to start learning how to code blockchain smart contracts and what have you. Hence their platform is uniquely positioned to solves this problem by enabling Smart Contracts to be built in plain English with the motive to allow you focus on the results of what it’s meant to be.

2. Making It Almost Impossive For Prospective Competitors to Copy and Mount Threat

This is being done by patenting their technology and the innovative ideas. They have engaged Kilburn & Strode LLP to craft their patent applicatons which is due to be filled in the first part of Q2 2018.

3. By Being Privacy & GDPR Compliant

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation concerns are being addressed by reducing the storage nodes that can part take of a specific cells.

4. Bug Free Applications.

Sparkster has put in place a meansure that ensures that the software built on the platform are always free from bugs and vulnerability and this afford businesses utilizing thier platform to focus more on matter most them by ensuring that their products and services get to their targeted audience without having to worry about making fixing bugs and codes issues.

5. Multi-Chain Interoperability

Though presently Sparkster platform has a native integration with Ethereum and IOTA, it seeks to add other multi-chain capability to its network.

They are currently running a bounty campaign to reward their their loyal community members and also make them stand a chance to a guaranteed slots in their forth coming ico. You can learn more about it here and also their blockchain whitepaper and team is available here

You can join and interact white thir admin and other community members on their telegram group here

One-Step Way to Bulk Delete and Empty All Your Hotmail Messages

It does happen that most times we get overly busy that other things get to take our minds away from deleting our emails once they have been read.

Especially for those online geeks that consume lots of internet information.

We subscribe to lots of internet email lists just to see what they have got for us behind their email newsletters back office.

As a result, we end up getting lots of followups and promotional email offers from these mailing lists.

What we get at the end of the day, are lots of bombarded emails hitting our inbox/junk/spam folders.

These un-deleted emails get piled up and may often end up being damn annoying.

And what you’re going to need to do to bring back sanity to your email inbox and other folders, is to delete them.

And getting rid of these too many emails cluttering our inbox from seeing essential legitimate emails is easy.

After searching on how I could delete my over three thousand, six hundred and nineteen emails from my hotmail inbox or any other email folder, I eventually found the easiest one-click to bulk delete all the inbox emails at once.

Just imagine, if I’m trying to select all the emails and start deleting them batch after batch, it would have taken me some considerable number of hours if not days.


You see, that’s crazy chunk of productive hours that could be used on something more important being wasted on trying to delete unwanted emails. I mean something, like writing useful blogpost content like this.

So Here’s How to Use 1-Click Button To Mass Delete Your Hotmail Inbox Emails

Log into your hotmail/livemail account. From your email dashboard landing page, click inbox and just right-click on the “inbox” folder


You will see 3 options.

a. New subfolder
b. Mark all as read
c. Empty folder


To delete all these mails, you’re going to need to just click on “Empty folder”

Upon clicking on the empty folder, a prompt dialogue box will pop up saying “You’re about to delete all of the messages in this folder.”


Make sure you really want to do this, and just click on “Empty”

The next small prompt that will pop up again is the “We are running as fast as we can” showing the numbers of emails being deleted.


With this, all these messages in this folder will instantly be deleted.

See image tutorial on how I did mine and how you too could  do yours.

Have any question, just the comment.

Watermelon Business Guide: How to Become a Watermelon Millionaire In 73 Days

Thinking of going into watermelon production and make good money on the side while doing this, here is how to start from scratch to finish.

Reasons why watermelon business is worth your time and effort.

1. It’s a money spinning business

2. The gestation period is usually very short roughly between two and half months both cultivation and harvesting.

3. There is huge demand for these produce world-wide owing to growing medicinal and health benefits it provides.

4. watermelon is an agribusiness that is agro-base in production meaning you can easily run large scale using chemical substances or improved techniques.

hybrid watermelon

Watermelon Business Financial Plan & Financial Plan

Watermelon returns on investment is amazing – Imagine selling 1 ball of watermelon between N150 – N500 depending on the size, demand and supply?

You can run an hectare with as little as N31,000 and be able to make N300,000 – N400,000 in 73 – 80 days

Please see here for free detailed Watermelon business plan

The Challenges in Watermelon Production

1. Diseases
2. Pests
3. Irregular Weather

How to Make Money From Watermelon – The Complete A to Z Manual Guide on Watermelon Business

  • Land Preparation
  • Watermelon Hybrid Seeds
  • Spacing
  • Treatment
  • Chemicals Application
  • How to Take Measurement
  • Solid and Foliar fertilizers Application
  • Getting Rid of Weeds Easily in Hours
  • Detecting Watermelon Maturity
  • Harvesting Techniques
  • Selling to Hottest Potential Market and How to Locate them

how to make money producing watermelon

Plus lots more

Want to become the next watermelon millionaire? Get the Watermelon Millionaire Business Manual Guide A to Z

Jerry Obamwonyi
The Watermelon Millionaire


#1 Way to Make Money Online On Nairaland Into Your Bank Account Browsing From Your Phone and Computer

No doubt that is #1 Nigeria websites with the biggest and largest web visitors (traffic)

Though it’s more of a social hub where people gets to learn and discuss varying topical issues and general life subjects centred round politics, education, gossips, fashion, entertainment, style, football and many more of any thing you can think of.

How to Make At least N3,000 – N6,000 Every Day Online Into Your Bank Account Doing 40 Minutes Work On Nairaland.

As a smart IM, I was able to uncover the #1 secret loophole of Nairaland called “Nairaland Homepage Frontpage” using a cool
never seen before system I call Nairaland Daily Cash Code.

With these codes that comes in two versions mobile and computer, you can pocket extra N3,000 to N6,000 every day online chatting, browsing and socializing from your mobile phone and computer.

Get the Nairaland Daily Cash Code here:


Cheapest Mobile Internet Data Plan For Android Phones

Among the top network operators in naija such as Airtel, GLo, MTN and ETISALAT…

The cheapest and most data friendly internet connection service providers for android phones such as HTC, Samsung, Techno, Gionee etc. that most people now use nowadays is AIRTEL.

Android phones are generally known to be devices that are huge data service consuming and as such the need for mobile internet data service usage is as important as calling with the phones.

android internet data usage

With the advent of top android mobile apps and software as BBM for androidm Viber, Whatsapps, 2go that most android mobile devices’ users can hardly go out a day without using to mobilize and rock their world; there is so much need to frequently have a an android sim loaded with large data.

Why AIRTEL is seen as the most data-friendly mobile internet service is that, their BIS works on all devices – Blackberry and non-Blackberry devices as pc and phones.

For a variety of flexible and economic-friendly android data subscription plans on the airtel network, check here

How to Save Internet Data and AIRTIME Credit on Android Devices

Since most android phones applications run un-noticed, it is usually advisable to its users to always turn off data by quickly using the shortcut process of swiping the screen down to access android data usage manager and just tapping it.

This does not only save your mobile internet data, but also helps to save your calling and texting airtime credit if you’re not subscribed to an android data plan.

Very Profitable Daily Income Business Anyone Can Start With No/Little Capital

Quick Definitive Guide on How to Start and Run a Profitable Laundry and Dry-cleaning Service Business Anywhere From Scratch

Often times I got asked by many folks on the internet and offline of some questions like

free drycleaning business book

Any viable business one can venture into…

…That has low risk of failure
…Low inventory (startup cost)
…With good income potentials that has the

…capacity to grow within a short time frame

Well before I reveal the name of the business I feel anyone from anywhere your money status notwithstanding can start; lets me quickly say this

Would you brood over this business ideas that is making many folks across nigeria thousand-nians and millionaires secretly?

This business is the dry cleaning and laundry service business.

Why Laundry and Dry-cleaning Service Business is Seen Profitable Business Venture

1. It require zero or low start up capital
2. You can start with what you have
3. You can start off from anywhere even if it’s your balcony or veranda
4. It’s a daily income (cash) business
5. The business rarely folds up
6. It requires very little or zero start up skills or knowledge etc.

Who Is the Laundry and Dry-cleaning Business Meant For?


The underemployed, underpaid, unemployed, female, male, young, old, the retired,  those looking for multiple streams of income etc.

Types of Laundry Business Scale Operation

1. Small scale usually manual
2. Medium Scale usually semi-automated
3. Large Scale usually completely automated with a dryer, washer, spinner, tagging devices (guns, bullets, paper etc.)

Where to Buy Laundry Equipment

1. Offline
2. Online e.g. AliEXpress etc.

What you need to start laundry and dry cleaning business

Running a super successful and profitable laundry business is easy and if you know the onions of the business.

below are some of the things anyone will need

1. Good location
2. solid financial and business feasibilty plan
3. basic laundry equipment like washer, dryer, industrial press or iron etc.
4. Good customer relationship and friendliness

You can get a complete A-Z guide about dry-cleaning and laundry business here

Mj Demarco Millionaire Fastlane Audiobook full Free Download

Mj Demarco Millionaire Fastlane Audiobook full Free Download

Here are the full free download links of MJ Dermaco Millionaire Fastlane mp3 audio book.

I really love this mp3 version of the millionaire fastlane audio book that teaches you how to crack the code to wealth and live rich for a lifetime.

The MJ Dermaco Audiobook Free Download Links

free download now Mirror 2 Mirror 3 with other free premium download links

If you are not on budget and really have some few bucks to spare, you can really buy this practical million asset accumulation guide from his site here

If you need the millionaire fastlane ebook previous version with free download link check here

How To Get Free 50GB Of Dropbox Storage Space on Android Devices

How To Get Free 50GB Of Dropbox Storage Space on Android Devices

Simple Dropbox Free Storage Space Bonus Hack valid for Two Years

Easy and straight to the point if I’m asked!

With this Dropbox free storage space getting simple  hack, you can get a whopping storage size of about  free 50 Gigabytes of drop box with all rooted android  devices, manufacturer and model notwithstanding.

To start with, you’re going to need to download,  extract and run these .apk executable files as found  in these folders

Inside the file download directory, you will find two  files namely

  • Dropbox.apk

On your device go to settings apps and find Dropbox,

  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache
  • Force Stop
  • Uninstall

From the folder where the files are saved, quickly run  and install Download.apk, you are advised not to open  this application, just click done.

Thereafter you’re going to need to reboot into  recovery and flash installing from the and reboot your device afterwards.

Allow your device to boot, then select Dropbox and login, and complete the setup Dropbox will send you a message to the email you supplied during signup thanking you for taking advantage on becoming a Dropbox Guru! and you will get 48 GB instantly.

It will become 50G when you add the 2G you ll’ be getting during signup with the 48GB you got during the process.

This can easily be repeated after exhaustion in 2 years


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